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In 2012, I moved to Miami with my husband and three young children from Dallas, Texas, where I was born and spent most of my life. I documented my family’s transition to The Magic City with a widely read blog, “Meredith in Miami.” There, I wrote about exploring my new city and testing “the best ways to meet new people in Miami.”

I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in accounting, and then spent almost seven years with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Memphis, Dallas, and Zurich offices. Working for a “Big 4” accounting firm taught me many things, but maybe most importantly that I enjoy working with people more than financial reports. Post-PricewaterhouseCoopers,  I  brought my business skills to the not-for-profit arena, where I worked in fundraising and event management. 

In 2014, I  was introduced to The Scout Guide   The Scout Guide is guided by the principle that everything you need to live a well-curated life can be found within your own community.  It is a print and online advertising solution for locally owned business that connects people with makers, experts and each other.   With the success of my blog and my sales and business experience, I found a match made in heaven. I bought the Miami franchise and launched the first Scout Guide Miami ("TSG Miami") in 2015.

4 years later I am working on the 5th Volume of TSG Miami scheduled for a  January 2020 release.  The pages of TSG Miami feature 40(ish) of Miami's greatest local businesses each year.  Building my own business and evaluating hundreds of others in the process of creating each Scout Guide, I have learned quite a bit about marketing a small business.  I have implemented and watched others implement marketing tools and techniques that have been wildly successful and/or complete duds (yes, I've seen it happen when they are both... something will start out great then nose dive!).

The Meredith Kallaher Show will give me the opportunity to work with many more businesses than The Scout Guide business model allows.  Here I will share with others what I have learned. I am definitely an extroverted extrovert (if an introverted extrovert can be a thing, like I've heard so many of my favorite podcasters claim, so can the "EE"!) I LOVE PEOPLE and I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with you.

When I'm  not scouting or creating youtube videos, I enjoy date nights with my husband either at the latest greatest restaurant or at home on the couch, running and trying out the newest Miami gym concept, listening to Podcasts, shopping for clothes (I love fashion!), and going on ridiculously long walks with my girlfriends so we can get caught up on all the things, advise each other on the  parenting techniques we are attempting in order to reduce our children's future therapy bills and mapping out our World Domination Plans. 

And keeping it real, one of my BIGGEST motivators for working hard is so I can pay my house keeper Iris, because housework and laundry have always overwhelmed me.

More often than not, when I'm not working and Iris is cleaning my home (Thank you Sweet Jesus!) you can find me playing with my family in the water because we live in Miami. And the beach and weather are AWESOME.


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