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The 10 Best Podcasts for Women Small Business Owners in 2021

abby wombach amy porterfield best podcasts in 2021 brandi mowles brook castillo glennon doyle podcasts for small business owners podcasts for women business owners rick mulready untamed Aug 31, 2021
The 10 Best Podcasts for Women Small Business Owners in 2021


I am a podcast addict and I am not ashamed.

Although I know I have used podcasts to avoid anxious or stressful feelings (wait, is that a bad thing? Yes, Brook Castillo, host of one of my favorites listed below would say), for the most part, this obsession has brought so much goodness into my life!

So without further ado, 


The 10 Best Podcasts for Women Small Business Owners in 2021


1. Online Business Podcasts that teach me how to run and grow my business:


Online Marketing Made Easy, host Amy Porterfield


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Official Podcast Description:  Expert interviews, mini execution plans, and intimate behind-the-scenes secrets from my biggest launches… all tied together by my mission to make EVERYTHING you listen to as actionable and profitable as possible.

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast: For me, Amy Porterfield is the OG (Dad.. I know you're reading... it means "original gangster") of digital marketing! Years ago when I had a question about marketing my business online google led me to an episode of Amy's podcast and I've been hooked ever since.   I love the marketing tools and concepts she decides to share, the method in which she helps me understand, the guests she chooses to invite on her show, her gorgeous voice, and the bits of personality she interjects into the show! I feel like Amy her dog Scout and hubby Hobie are personal friends!


The Art of Online Business, host Rick Mulready

Official Podcast Description: Whether you're ready to increase your profit through Facebook and Instagram ads or you're looking to find focus on the CEO activities that'll make the most meaningful difference in your business- you're in the right place.

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast: Rick sparked my interest and love for Facebook Ads. I really Geek out with Rick and will rewind the episodes to make sure I understand the numbers and strategy he often details in some episodes. And while his tech talk is great, my very favorite part of this podcast is the questions Rick asks his guests. He always seems to know what I'm wondering about his guest's successful business because he asks and gets the answers to my questions about their business. I LOVE IT! 


Serve Scale Soar, host Brandi Mowles

Official Podcast Description: 

Expert interviews, entrepreneurial spotlights, actionable tips and tricks….all so you can serve your audience, scale your business and soar into the six-figure years you deserve. 

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast: On her podcast, Brandi uses different formats to connect with online service providers (like me!) She alternates interviews with successful, relatable online entrepreneurs and asks questions about how they grew and run their business (think How I Built This), technical skills, and her own income reports! In 2020 she had a goal to bring in $1 million dollars in revenue for the first time in one year in her business. She not only exceeded her goal but she shared monthly the steps she took, and mistakes she made to get there! It was fun and inspiring to hear her break it all down!


2. Podcasts that inspire me and arm me with tools to think on purpose to create the life I want


We Can Do Hard Things, hosted by Glennon Doyle

Official Podcast Description: 

"My sister Amanda and I will do the only thing I’ve found that has ever made life easier: We will drop the fake and talk honestly about the hard. Each week we will bring our hard to you and we will ask you to bring your hard to us and we will do what we were all meant to do down here: Help each other carry the hard so we can all live a little bit lighter and braver, more free and less alone."


 Why Meredith Loves this Podcast:

This is the one.

This is the podcast for which I eagerly await each week!  It feels like Christmas morning every Tuesday when I open my iPhone and see a new episode of "We Can Do Hard Things."

In early 2020 Glennon Doyle released my favorite book of all times, Untamed.  This memoir is packed with insights on what it means to be a woman and raise a woman, today. The book dissects ideas that we were taught as children, asks us to question if those ideas still serve us now, and then challenges us to not settle for anything less than exactly what we want for our one and only wild and precious life!

"We Can Do Hard Things" was the mantra that rang the loudest from the readers who launched Untamed to #1 on the NYT Bestseller list for 7 weeks, thus the name for her new podcast, on which she discusses topics similar to those outlined in her book, with her sister Amanda and wife, Abby Wombach.


The Life Coach School,  hosted by Brook Castillo

Official Podcast Description: 

"The Life Coach School Podcast is your go-to resource for learning, growing, and becoming certified as a life coach through the School. Whether you’ve been listening since day one, or you just discovered the podcast, you’ll find that these episodes will change your life if you let them. "

 Why Meredith Loves this Podcast

This podcast is not (only) for people who want to be a life coach. In fact I found this podcast when the host, Brook Castillo was interviewed by my favorite online marketing teacher, Amy Porterfield, who is not a life coach, (see above) who told her millions of listeners she was a student of Brook's work.

Brook teaches a simple model through which we can run all and any life experiences. She says that:

Circumstances create our

Thoughts, which create

Feelings that drive

Actions that create our 


and all of her 385 podcast episodes teach on a subject related to this model. Check out my recent blog post here which I devoted entirely to my love for Brook and her work, which started when I found this podcast.


3. Podcasts that help me improve my writing and communication skills.




Writing Class Radio, hosted by Andrea Askowitz and Allison Langer

Official Podcast Description: 

Writing Class Radio is a podcast of a writing class.  If you love stories and get inspired by hearing other people tell their stories and want to learn a little bit about how to write your own stories, then this podcast is for you.

Our mission is to change the way people interact through shit-owning, wound-healing, truth-telling. There's no better way to understand ourselves and each other than by writing and telling our true personal stories

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast:

I always enjoy the stories hosts Andrea and Allison chose to share, the banter they exchange and the writing technique and advice they share. Allison is one of the students in Andrea's memoir class, and that teacher/student dynamic gives this podcast a unique perspective.


Speak-Up Story Telling, co-hosted by wife and husband Elysha and Matthew Dicks

Official Podcast Description: 

"Unlike most storytelling podcasts, which offer you one or more outstanding stories to listen to and enjoy, our podcast seeks to entertain while also providing some specific, actionable lessons on storytelling.

In every episode, Elysha and I will listen to one of the many stories told and recorded at Speak Up over the last five years, followed by a lesson on storytelling based upon what we just heard. We'll talk about the effective strategies used by the storyteller. We'll offer tips on things like humor, stakes, transitions, suspense, and the ordering of content. We'll also suggest possible revisions to make the story even better.

Whether your goal is to someday take the stage and tell a story or simply to become a better storyteller in the workplace or your social life, this podcast is for you."

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast:

Even though the husband and wife banter at the beginning of each episode gets a little long (keeping it real... don't worry, you can just fast forward through like me), I adore these two elementary school teachers who also run a successful storytelling business which includes LIVE story competitions and coaching and consultation.

Matthew's story creation and telling advice is outstanding.  On each episode, he shares a recording from one of his live storytelling events and then praises and gives suggestions for improvements to his audience, in a loving way that only a grade school teacher could do! 


4. Podcasts that help me improve my health


Key Nutrition, hosted by Brad Jensen

Official Podcast Description: 

"Your one-stop-shop for everything nutrition, fitness, and mindset. We believe this is a mind, body, and spirit evolution.  Educational episodes drop every Tuesday and Guest Appearances drop every Friday! My name is Brad Jensen, owner, and CEO of Key Nutrition. It's my oath to bring you value. "

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast:

On this podcast host Brad Jensen shares knowledge and insights on food, strength, and most importantly mindset he used to become sober, get healthy and help hundreds of others do the same in his very successful business The Key Nutrition program. Brad's words and positive attitude always resonate with me and his tips have worked to help me become more healthy!


 5. Podcasts I listen to just for fun!

Let me clarify. I think listening to all podcasts is FUN! I've always been dorky like that... but sometimes, if my brain wants a break from all of the learning, I have a few podcasts I turn to for pure enjoyment.


Reply All, co-hosted by Alex Goldman and Emmanual Dzotsi

Official Podcast Description: 

The podcast uses The Guardian's description of their show which says: “‘A podcast about the internet that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.”

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast:

I completely agree with Ira Glass, host of the podcast This American Life when he said "This is my favorite new podcast. They find great stories no one else has covered, narrative stories with interesting plots and compelling characters."

It's just so good you guys- give it a try!

(find a list of the hosts' favorite episodes here. That would be a good place to start)


Modern Love, co-hosted by Daniel Jones and Miya Lee

Official Podcast Description: 

This podcast "explore(s)  the complicated love lives of real people through conversation and storytelling, based on the weekly New York Times column"

Why Meredith Loves this Podcast:

Original stories, both happy and sad, are written for an extremely popular column in the New York Times by contributors from around the world and are voiced by famous actors on this fun podcast. Often from perspectives I haven't considered before, which makes it even more fun!

But bottom line, I think I just like LOVE!

Love You! Enjoy



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