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So, I understand you are a Business Owner who is ready to ACCELERATE your GROWTH with ease!

Well I've got an idea!


Let's use a a strategy (or 2!)  that optimizes for profits, using cutting edge technology and meet your ideal customer where they are!  We will create powerful marketing and sales assets that provide a solid foundation for  scaling your business! 


We could...

Run A Targeted Social Media Ad Campaign

Using Facebook and Instagram Ads we will find your ideal customer and serve them advertisements that compel them to work with you now! 

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FB and IG Ads

Create Foundational Growth Assets to Scale Your Business 

Using our signature growth framework, S.O.A.R. that combines the power of A.I. technology and emotional intelligence we will build GROWTH ASSETS that will accelerate you business growth, like you have always wanted.

Growth Consulting

Build a Consistent Stream of Qualified Leads 


Using an engineering approach to marketing, that is faster, cheaper, and smarter than the spaghetti testing used by most online businesses we will build a sales funnel.

I call it my "Lead Generation Machine Buildout" and you have got to hear about this because my clients, AND ME, are seeing amazing results!  Click the button to keep reading...

Lead Generation Machine Buildout

I don't think I've ever seen so many leads in such a short time frame... I'm delighted with all of this

Barnaby, Director of ABC Music, Toronto

Carolina, C.E.O. Equibalance Health 

When I hired Meredith to advertise my business, we worked together to brainstorm a few ideas that would help the viewer to understand my business better... the result was not only a gorgeous ad, but an ad that actually converted into paying clients!

Meredith's "Lead Generation Machine" buildout helped me figure out the freebie my customers actually want and resulted in a funnel with an optin of 40% on cold traffic!

Elise, C.E.O of Systems to Serve, LLC


A Case Study

Check-out a recent case study featuring the Facebook Ad Campaign for a FREE Virtual Summit for a Elementary Math Educator's Online Membership which demonstrates the value that Meredith Kallaher brings to her clients!

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Meredith Kallaher creates BIG value for business owners by connecting them with their ideal customers and clients using creative, strategic and authentic digital advertisements.

At Meredith Kallaher Marketing, LLC they strive to be an example of what is possible. They work more than they talk about working and have FUN getting the job done! 

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Aug 02, 2023

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