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6 Steps to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin optimize optimize linkedin profile Jun 28, 2022
6 Steps to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

If you are a business owner, or anyone in the corporate world, not only having, but optimizing your LinkedIn profile is crucial to being successful! LinkedIn is your online business card! People like what they see, and if they are seeing an incomplete profile, they will be less likely to engage with you. 

LinkedIn is all about networking and meeting new business connections.  It’s a great place to find fellow business owners, customers, raving fans, potential employees, employers, and more! Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can make you appear in more searches, leading to more connections, and the perfect use of the platform.  Let’s go over the 

6 Steps to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

1. Update your Linkedin Profile Picture:

It’s important that your profile picture is always updated. This way when someone connects with you, and meets you in person or schedules a video call,they know who to expect.! You can have professional headshots taken, or you can take them on your own.! If you’re taking them on your own, take the photos in indirect sunlight, and take as many as you need until you get the perfect shot!


Regardless, make sure you look professional, as LinkedIn is a professional platform. (We mean business here! Right?) Make sure you look, and feel your best. This can bring you more confidence, which will make you feel more successful.

2. Update your LinkedIn Cover Photo:

Similar to your profile picture, be sure to update your cover photo.  It can be tricky to come up with something to use here, but branded photos that match your business or client reviews are two great options.  Anything that matches your personal brand, and will resonate with those that come across your profile. 

3. Create a LinkedIn Headline:

Your LinkedIn headline follows you wherever you go on platform. You want to ensure that it stands out, and shows why you are unique. Here is a great formula that helps you create the perfect headline that truly showcases what you are all about. 

Headline = Service you offer + Who you serve + URL 

An example of this for a dermatologist in Florida could be, “The Latest Proven Anti-Aging Formulas for Coral Gables Women at the” 

OR for an online course creator who sells a course to math teachers: “Helping Math Teachers Create more Lightbulb Moments for their Students at BuildMathMinds.Com”

Use this formula next time you update your LinkedIn Headline! 

4. Keep Your "Current Position" updated on LinkedIn:

It’s so important that you have your current position up to date. This can be an instant indicator to those who discover your profile if you could be an asset to them, or if you have a mutual connection just based on where you work! So always be sure in this section you list both,  Where you work and your job title. 

5. Call to Action Links on your LinkedIn Profile

Always make sure that your contact info is up to date. If someone is interested in getting to know you more, they need the correct contact info to get in touch with you.  Always have this optimized, so you never miss a thing. 

6. Update the "Summary Section" of your LinkedIn Profile

The summary section is similar to a biography of yourself! So talk about yourself here, but keep in mind your ideal client.  Tell everyone the value that you currently provide and highlight your work history or past experiences that inspire you to deliver great results in your current job/service AND  give you credibility and authority.  Entice people to want to connect with you! This section should give people a really good idea of who you are, and what you stand for! What makes you different from everyone else? Share that here. 

Keeping your LinkedIn up to date, optimized and professional will help you stand compared to your competitors in a large realm of business professionals. Head to your LinkedIn profile now to make sure you are checking off these boxes! 

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