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Choosing a Blog Topic That is Read-Worthy

blogging read worthy seo Nov 16, 2021
Choosing a Blog Topic That is Read-Worthy

Choosing a Blog Topic That is Read-Worthy 

So, you’ve decided that you want a blog on your website  but you have no idea what topic will entice your audience  to read more. If I’m being totally transparent, coming up with content for blogs can be difficult at times. There are a few things you need to think about before you begin writing. 

  • Why will my audience want to read this? 
  • What is my goal of writing this?
  • What makes this blog different compared to similar blogs? 

 To help you determine this, the place you need to start is researching hot key words. Find what people are searching for, and the rest of the writing should be a breeze!

Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Blog

 Finding keywords can sometimes be the hardest part of writing your blog. First, you need to  get into your audience's head to find their interests. Then you need to match their interests with hot keywords.  This will help make your content discoverable and help you rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).



 Focus on Small Niche Words:

You want to find small niche keyword terms, not something that everyone is writing about, like the topic of SEO. Narrowing your niche down will help lead your audience to your blog. Smaller niches can lead to more success in the long run. 

 Brand New Topics:

Similar to focusing on niche keyword terms, you also want to research brand new topics. If you choose to write about a concept that is relatively new you will have better luck with people wanting to read your blog. 

Our society is fast paced, and people are always interested in the next new thing. By choosing a newer topic to write about, people will be quick to read because they are curious. They will also be quick  to read your blog because it will probably be higher up on their SERP. This is because it’s a new topic, which means you won’t have much competition in SEO.  Lucky for you! 

 Use Google Trends: Google Trends is a great tool that breaks down what is trending. This is based on what people are searching for. 

 Have a Theme: Having a theme allows you to be specific within your industry.  Creating content for specific topics allows you to have more details within a blog. With more details, comes more keywords! More keywords allows for better ranking on the SERP.  

 Ready to Write 


Now that you have done your keyword research, you are ready to write your blog! Finding hot key words help you write about topics that you know your audience is interested in. 


 With a little bit of practice, research and brainstorming you will be sure to have a blog that catches your audience's eye in no time! 

 If you still need some inspiration, review this article by Neil Patel for tools that can help you find keywords that are targeted to your audience. 

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