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Email Copywriting Tips to Convert Subscribers to Customers

customers emailcopywriting emailsubscribers Jan 18, 2022
Email Copywriting Tips to Convert Subscribers to Customers

 Tracking your leads and closing your sales is a huge aspect of creating a successful business. Email copywriting will increase your likelihood of converting your email subscribers into customers. The content you write in your email (aka email copywriting ) should resonate with your subscribers. The goal here is to get your subscribers to engage with you. Whether this is to sign up for something, to read your new blog post or shop your store. You want your subscribers to complete your call to action. 

It’s time to  achieve our marketing goals by understanding: 

Email Copywriting Tips to Convert Subscribers to Customers

1.Set different goals for each email you send. 

When email copywriting, you want to remain clear and consistent. Setting goals for each email will help you determine whether your email copywriting technique is working or not. 

The copy of the email should coincide with your end goal, your call to action. If your call to action is for someone to read your new blog post, you will want to casually discuss your blog, or a story related to your blog, in the copy of your email.

2. Get to the point.

When the copy of the email is too long, or seeming to be irrelevant it’s easy for your subscribers to click out of your email and hit the delete button. 


Don’t make the copy of your email too long-winded, as your subscriber probably has at least 20 more emails waiting for them to read. Make your point clear from the start so you aren’t wasting subscribers' precious time. This will make them actually want to read your emails. 

3. Catchy subject lines. 

Draw your subscriber in. If seeing that an email is from you isn’t enough to draw your subscriber in, then you must create a subject line that is irresistible. This is one of the most important parts of email copywriting. If your Email Service Provider (ESP) allows you to use preheader text, take advantage of that too! 

The preheader text can finish the sentence of your subject line, be a cliffhanger or share a great new deal you are offering. Whatever route you decide to take with the preheader text, it can be a few words of encouragement to really hook your subscriber in. 

4. Maintain your brand.

Create the copy of your email each time to let your brand and voice shine through. Your subscribers will start to feel like they are conversing with a friend when you do this. 

Consistently implement your brand across all of your platforms, including the copy of your email. This allows your subscribers to recognize you and get to know you better, which in turn will make them want to support you and your business. 

5. Listen to your subscribers. 

Maybe listening isn’t the best word because we don’t always physically hear them. But look for their pain points. It’s important to identify what it is they need from you in order to grow their business. ‘Hear’ them out and then give them some sound advice and tips. 

When you do this be sure to address their pain points directly so your subscribers know that they are being heard. Once heard they’ll recognize that they could benefit from you even more as customers. 


6. Be relatable. 

This email copywriting tip is crucial. Amy Porterfield, has a great podcast about email- copywriting tips, you can find it here. She mentions an example that really resonated with her in order to convert subscribers to actual customers.

 The example she uses was that someone told her she is always talking about leaving the corporate world, but a lot of her audience was never in the corporate world, making it difficult to truly understand where she was coming from. 

By recognizing this, she realized she had to take a different approach because something as simple as not being relatable can really make or break the conversion from subscriber to customer. 

The copy of your email is so much more important than you think because it quite literally is the key to converting your subscribers to customers. Being able to write in a way that puts yourself in the shoes of your audience is crucial to being successful in the email copywriting world. 

I wrote a  blog article that touches on the importance of how to re-engage your email subscribers. Before you begin copywriting your next email, take a look at that article first!  


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