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How to be “Everywhere” with a Facebook and Instagram Awareness Ad Campaign:: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to be “Everywhere” with a  Facebook and Instagram Awareness Campaign:: A Step-by-Step Guide


Have you ever wished for a more effective advertising strategy on Facebook or Instagram, one that ensures your brand is seen by your target audience more consistently than any of your competitors? The solution lies in what I like to call the “Everywhere Ad Campaign.”


This strategy is about becoming virtually inescapable to your ideal customers, fostering a relationship that positions your business as their go-to choice. Below, we’ll walk through the steps to create an Everywhere Ad Campaign that commands attention and drives superior results.





Step 1: Set Up Your Campaign


Begin by opening Facebook Ads Manager and clicking on the green ‘+ Create’ button. Choose the ‘Awareness’ objective. Continue by naming your campaign with something indicative of the Everywhere Ad Campaign for easy tracking.


Step 2: Define Your Audience


At the ad set level, skip campaign budget optimization as it’s not necessary for this strategy. When setting your daily budget, start modestly with £1 or $1. The focus here is on precise audience targeting rather than broad reach. If you have a warm audience of over 10,000 people (from an email list, website visitors, or social engagement), target them directly. Otherwise, use detailed targeting options, beginning with location targeting refined to where your best customers are based. Aim for an audience size of 50,000 to 100,000 people, adjusting other criteria like age, gender, and interests as necessary.


Step 3: Curate Your Ad Placements


Switch to manual placements, deselecting the Audience Network and focusing on feeds and stories across Facebook and Instagram. This ensures your ads appear in high-engagement areas, maximizing visibility and interaction.


Step 4: Implement Frequency Caps


An essential feature of the Everywhere Ad Campaign is setting frequency caps to control how often someone sees your ads. Configure this to one impression every five days, ensuring your audience sees your ads regularly but isn’t overwhelmed.


Step 5: Duplicate Ad Sets for Varied Exposure


Duplicate your ad set nine times for a total of ten ad sets, each with its unique ad. This structure supports the goal of showing two different ads from your campaign to your audience each day on a five-day rotation, keeping content fresh and engaging.


Step 6: Develop Diverse Ad Content


Create ads across four categories: Value, Demonstration, Client Testimonials, and Calls to Action. Each category serves a unique purpose, from showcasing your expertise and building trust to encouraging direct engagement. Blend informative content with compelling calls to action to cater to different audience needs and interests.


Step 7: Monitor, Adjust, and Optimize


Given the intricate setup, it’s crucial to monitor ad performance closely, making adjustments to budget, targeting, or creative elements as needed. Remember, the Everywhere Ad Campaign is a marathon, not a sprint, designed to build lasting relationships over time.


Step 8: Pair with Conversion-Focused Campaigns


While the Everywhere Ad Campaign excels at building awareness and trust, pairing it with conversion-focused campaigns ensures you’re also driving immediate leads and sales, balancing long-term brand building with short-term objectives.


Launching an Everywhere Ad Campaign on Facebook and Instagram involves meticulous planning and execution, from precise targeting to varied content creation. However, by following these steps, you can establish a dominant online presence that not only captures but retains audience attention, setting the stage for sustained business growth



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