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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post

hashtags instagram optimize Feb 22, 2022
 How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post

 If you’re using your Instagram account specifically for a business, I hate to break it to you but it’s time to implement a marketing strategy.  Instagram has become so competitive, it’s crucial for you to have a plan on how you are going to grow your business on this platform. Whether you are posting eye-catching videos, photos or graphics, there is a strategy that needs to be put into place to make your post successful. Let’s talk about..

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post


No matter what type of content you are posting, it’s important that it is eye-catching and stops the scroll. As we know, Instagram is fast paced, sometimes we can unconsciously hop on the app and start scrolling without a rhyme or reason. It’s important that your content should stop your followers in their tracks, they should be intrigued to know more just from the visual. 

If it’s a photo, make sure the image is high quality. Adjusting your photo to have the right amount of color, brightness and exposure are great places to start to make sure your photo will stop your followers in their tracks. If you are editing your images, LightRoom is a great app that you can even buy presets from to make your feed cohesive. 

When working with video visuals, make sure the cover photo is clear. Adding some words if it’s a reel can also be what makes or breaks someone from viewing the video. 

If you have neither photo or video, a designed graphic will do just the trick! When designing your graphic, it’s important for it to be aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining your brand image.


Now that the photo,video or graphic caught your audience's attention, let your caption take care of the rest. A good method to use for caption creation is the HIC method. Hook,Insight and Call-to-action (CTA). 

Let’s talk about the hook first. The hook of your post is just that, what is going to hook the audience in. A great example of a hook is a personal story. People love a good story, so if you have one that is perfect for the content you are posting, then go for it! Hooks can also be facts, questions, etc..really anything you think your ideal customer avatar (ICA) will take interest in! 


The insights are the body of the caption, so the content that the audience can really benefit from. The reason the post is so important in the first place.  Depending on what works best for you, the length can vary from short or long! If you feel like the caption needs more detail to get the point across, then by all means add the detail. 

Finally, you must include a CTA at the end of your caption. You hooked your audience, told them how your business will benefit them, now you want to seal the deal. A CTA can be any of the following:

  • “DM me for more details!” 
  • “Drop your favorite emoji in the comments, if you agree!”
  • “Click the link in our bio to get yours today!”

Remember when writing captions, to put yourself in their shoes! 


If you are a social media guru, you are familiar with the term, optimize. When something is optimized, it is altered to its fullest potential to be discoverable. For Instagram, this means adding geotags, tagging accounts or individuals and using hashtags. 

If you have noticed, Instagram breaks down the Explore page. You can search for things by account, audio, tags and places. This means that when you optimize your post with all of these categories, you will become more discoverable. 

By adding your geotag to your post, this makes you discoverable to those who aren’t already following you. It increases your chances of being seen by someone with the same interest as you. Maybe once they catch a glimpse of your post, then they’ll give you a like or a follow. 


When you tag other accounts or individuals in your post, it allows them to share your post that they’re tagged in to their stories. This in turn increases the chances of their followers seeing it, and again maybe hitting the like or follow button. 

There’s a lot of controversy over hashtags and whether they work or not. The way I look at it is that if you have the opportunity for 30 new connections, wouldn’t you jump on that offer? The same goes for hashtags. Especially because you are able to search specifically for hashtags on Instagram, making it a great way to get discovered! 

If you are struggling to come up with hashtags, no problem! Head to my last blog here to find the best hashtags to use! 

When your post is fully optimized, it increases your chances of being put on the Explore page on Instagram. Now that you have the perfect Instagram post, track your progress! Keep track of insights on different posts, you may notice that some things work better than others at times! 

The secret is out, now you have what it takes to create the perfect Instagram post! 


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