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The Only 5 Content Topics a Business Needs to Post on Instagram for Account Growth in 2022

building your business content creation instagram Feb 08, 2022
The Only 5 Content Topics a Business Needs to Post on Instagram for Account Growth in 2022


Marketing your business on Instagram takes time, resources and strategy. Once you create your business profile, the first thing you must do is think about content. 

One of the most important things to remember when creating content for Instagram is that Instagram is a SOCIAL platform where business also takes place. I like to think of Instagram as a big cocktail party. At this party, hundreds of people are there, most of whom you do not know.



NO! You would work the room, get to know the other party attendees and let them get to know you.  If someone asks  how to buy your dress or how to work with you, then of course, you are ready with directions on how to easily make that purchase, but for the most part, in a social situation,  you are playing it cool and building the holy grail in marketing-  KNOW, LIKE and TRUST of your new community, a.k.a. The party goers.

Listen, I know everyone doesn’t like cocktail parties. Even the best of us extroverts come home on a Friday night and second guess our small talk choices. So, to make every business owner’s life we created a plan that includes

The Only 5 Content Topics a Business Needs to Post on Instagram for Account Growth in 2022

We Call this plan THE BIG 5

  1. Education
  2. Lifestyle
  3. A Villain
  4. Personal Deets
  5. Product/Service/Protocol Description.

That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? 

This content creation plan works really well when you batch your content monthly. I  suggest, at the beginning of each month, sit down and brainstorm five  topics around each of the Big 5 themes. Then, create ALL of your stories, posts and reels for the month around those themes and schedule them in one of the many scheduling tools available in today’s market. (My favorite is Later).

I’ve seen some businesses choose their Big 5 topic ideas and never change them which is an awesome strategy that allows you to become known as an  “expert” in your field and works well for service providers, online coaches and course creators, i.e.  businesses where the owner is the face of the brand. 

Otherwise, I want you to exhaust five topics around the suggested Big 5 content pillars, and then select 5 more topics to generate fresh ideas.

1. Educate.

Teach your audience something new, fresh or interesting about your business or industry. The ability to educate and inform without sounding like a know-it-all bossy pants is an amazing way to get clout.  This will help you establish yourself as a figure of authority and trust. It means you have credibility, and this increases your engagement on  Instagram. 

Instagram is a great platform to make sure people know that you're cutting edge and savvy. Teach them about things you know are interesting to them, that they're not seeing everywhere and that might be new in ever-evolving.  Are you a local clothing boutique? Your  education topic could be neighborhood happenings or the latest fashion trends. Are you a doctor? This Big 5 content pillar should be super easy for you! Has there been new research or radical treatments discussed in industry journals that your community would like to better understand?   Ask yourself, what would my customers/clients/patients be interested in learning more about? The answer to this question is what you should educate them about. 

2.Lifestyle content.

This pillar is based upon how your customer or clients life will change after working with you, following you, purchasing from you, etc.  Show your clients/customers in action using your product or demonstrating a happy emotion that resulted from work with you. A local paint store? Show families doing everyday activities in a beautifully painted home. An orthopedic surgeon? Your lifestyle content posts could be around sports your community will play once their injury heals. 

3.The Villain.


Determine a pest in your industry. A  topic you always hear complaints about. For example, let’s say you're a virtual assistant, a villain that can be associated with your industry is lack of time. This could be the only reason that your audience consults with you. 

 There may be multiple villains in your industry (there probably are)! My point? Talk about just  one villain at a time. To find a villain, ask yourself if my customer or client didn't have to deal with blank anymore, his or her life would be so much better. Once you know what this is, create content surrounding it! 

4.Get personal.

The smartest thing you can do on Instagram is to be yourself as a person, not as a professional because becoming vulnerable builds trust. But remember, we are at a cocktail party, with people you have just met. There is no need to go too deep or share something that you are uncomfortable sharing. Just pick one topic that makes you unique! Do you have 3 BIG dogs? Perfect! Dog photos do great on Instagram! Do you like to kiteboard during your time away from work.. Amazing! Let’s share. When you pick a personal topic about which you are passionate potential customers are attracted to the PASSION not the specifics. 

5. Product/Service/Protocol.

Finally, YES,  share what you are offering as a business! And honestly, you don’t have to talk about ALL your products or ALL of your services. Focus on your best seller, or your latest and greatest and explain to your followers how it will create VALUE in their life. My suggestion is creating a “sales” post every 5th post you make on Instagram.

The Big Five is a one-size fits all approach and we promise it will make your life so much easier. Starting out with only five content pillar themes will allow your brain to focus on more focused areas at a time. By doing this, your niche will be sure to shine through on Instagram!

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