How to Get More Followers on Instagram By Creating the Perfect Instagram Post

Use the Spread Sheet Below to Analyze Your Instagram Insights

 THIS video is for ANYONE who wants to use Instagram as a marketing tool for your business whether you plan to execute those posts or you want to craft a strategy and have someone else implement it for you!

Today, on The Meredith Kallaher Show we are talking about How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post to grow your Instagram Following.

First, on the video, I go over the general rules of thumb for a good Instagram Post considering 2019's algorithm.  Generally speaking the perfect post includes a:

1. Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing photo, video or word slide

2. A caption that hooks the reader

3. Optimization (il.e a geotag, 28 hash tags, tag another account)

But the perfect post isn't the same for everyone.  Why? Because we all have different business and different ideal customer avatars, or people who we would like to follow us.

SO, in the second part of the video I will teach you how to figure out what your current followers are telling you they like by analyzing your own Insights.

I even included an excel spreadsheet so you can sort through your data. If you aren't an excel nerd like me (at least that CPA license is good for something! Ha!),  don't worry.  Using this excel spreadsheet to analyze your insights is a quick exercise but super powerful! I promise.

I can't wait for you to work through this video with me and then have fun creating awesome content for Instagram that will get more likes and generate more followers and leads for your business!

Download Worksheet to Analyze Your Instagram Insights and Creae the Perfect Post


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