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Strategy and Management


We Aren't Talking About Just Boosting a Post


 Facebook Business Manager gives you the ability to put a Facebook or Instagram advertisement in front of your exact target customer.

And you only pay when your ideal audience SEES your ad. Facebook ads are all about efficiency- no wasted dollars and you control exactly how you want to spend your money. 

Facebook has over 1.2 billion daily active users which means WAY MORE  than likely,  your ideal customers are waiting for you there- I look forward to helping you find them quickly and cost effectively.


Ads Strategy and Management Services

Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy and Monthly Management 

The social media ads managed service is a full done-for-you program that includes custom strategy creation, campaign activation, monthly maintenance and optimization. This is a monthly service option and requires a minimum 3 month contract.

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Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy Intensive

The Social Media Ads Strategy Intensive is a 2-4 hour collaborative working session where we will review your existing advertising efforts (if available) and then create your strategic approach and campaign activation outline for your Facebook and/or Instagram campaign.

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FB and Instagram Ads V.I.P. Day 

The VIP Day is a full day program where we will create your social media ad strategy, outline your activation plan, get your campaign set up and provide you with training and resources for managing and optimizing your campaign.


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Your Ad Spend

How much we spend on Facebook and Instagram Ads is entirely up to you and the ad costs will be paid directly to Facebook by you via Facebook Business Manager.

For the first month, I do recommend an ad spend of at least $500 in order to test what works and what does not.

After the first month we will re-evaluate the ad spend and make as many changes as necessary to optimize your ad campaign.  The ad spend is not included in my costs to create and manage your Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy and Monthly Management

My most popular service includes 

  • Custom FB/IG Ads Strategy
  • Audience Creation & Implementation
  • Funnel Creation if Applicable
  • Domain Verification in Compliance with iOs14 updates
  • Pixel Implementation
  • Creative strategy recommendation
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Campaign Management (pacing, optimizations, performance reviews)
  • Weekly Reporting
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Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy Intensive

Throughout this 2-4 hour  session we will answer a variety of questions that will help us determine the following:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your ads campaign?

  • What problem(s) are you solving for your ideal client/customer and what are their motivations?

  • Who is your ideal client/customer, who are your current engagers and where are they engaging with you?

  • How can we segment your audience and create a nurture system or funnel to bring them down the path to purchase?

  • What do you want to say to your ideal client/customer as they go through the path to purchase?

At the end of the session you will walk away with the following:

  • Social Media Strategy Outline (The Who/What/Where/Why/How of your social media ads campaign)

  • Audience segmentation, their motivations and messaging guidance for each section

  • Outline of your ad campaign nurture system/funnel

  • Activation Outline Recommendation:

    • Campaign Objective

    • Campaign recommended budget

    • Recommendation/Outline of your platform targeting

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Facebook and Instagram Ads V.I.P. Day

Ahead of your VIP Day you will receive a few forms to fill out and we will hold a Kick Off Call. Once complete we will host the VIP Day. Below is an outline of what the day will look like:

8-hour session your level of participation throughout the 8 hours will be determined during KOC

  • Translate your business goals to social media objective(s)
  • Identify and segment audience
  • Build sales funnel
  • Outline your platform targeting plan
  • Review creative and align with audiences
  • Create your activation plan
  • Place pixel (if this is already placed we will review the set up)
  • Set up your Facebook ad campaign
  • Walk through recommendations for maintaining, optimizing and reviewing campaign performance
  • Close the day with questions

You will receive the following takeaways and follow ups with this package:

  • Outline of your strategy & activation plans
  • Video recording of campaign set up
  • :30 minute post-campaign check in 3-4 weeks after launch
  • Up to 1.5 hours support consultation calls
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Meet Chef Nicole. 

Together we implemented my Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy to advertise her Miami healthy meal delivery service.

In the first 10 weeks we saw a 840% Return on our Ad Spend (ROAS).  

Read this Facebook and Instagram Ads Case Study to gain a better understanding of how this amazing tool could EXPLODE the sales of your business.

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Let's jump on a short zoom call so I can hear about your business and sales goals and then share with you how my Facebook and Instagram strategy will work with your specific business plan. 

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