What I learned at Rise Weekend Dallas

My Top Ten Takeaways

My Top 10 Takeaways at the Rise Conference


  1. When You Aren’t Growing You’re Dying
  2. Self Help is Not For Broken People
  3. In the absence of experience or knowledge, determination can make the difference
  4. When You Start Something New, You Are Not Going to Be Good at It.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for help
  6. You can only control your attitude and your effort
  7. Just because there is a thought in your head that uses your voice you do not have to listen to it
  8. Keep Moving Forward, What Other Choice Do You Have?
  9. When I Work on Myself It is Good For My Kids
  10. . Cheer on Your Friends, And Let Them Cheer on You

Learn More About the RisexDallas Speakers on Instagram

1.  Jen Hatmaker - @jenhatmaker

2. Trent Shelton - @trentshelton

3. Charis Jones - @sassjonesboutique

4. Joy Cho - @ohjoy

5. Jamie Kern Lima- @jamiekernlima

6 Steve Furtick -  @stevenfurtick *

*Steve was not a speaker but Jame mentioned him on stage and I referenced him in my video

Interested in Attending a Rise Weekend?

The Next One is in Fort Meyers, FL on January 9-11, 2020.

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