Meredith Kallaher creates BIG value for business owners by connecting them with their ideal customers and clients using creative, strategic and authentic digital advertisements.

At Meredith Kallaher, LLC, a digital advertising agency, they strive to be an example of what is possible. They work more than they talk about working and  have FUN getting the job done!

The Moment She Knew

A self professed podcast addict, when she heard Rick Mulready, of The Art of Paid Traffic say “Facebook ads are simple. They are all about the numbers,” everything for Meredith Kallaher just clicked.

An A-Ha moment, maybe?

Her CPA and 6 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers and more recent advertising experience has uniquely prepared Meredith to help businesses execute and implement successful social media advertising campaigns.

“I love numbers, “ Meredith thought as Rick explained that successful ad strategies required Managers  to understand the lifetime value of a customer for a business, compare that to the related acquisition cost by evaluating target audience sizes, cost per lead, return on ad spend, and click through rate percentages.

“EASY” said all the creative CPA’s in the room!

She already had the social media experience. She spent 5 years creating gorgeous advertisements for local Miami businesses as Owner and Editor of the Scout Guide Miami.

Then, together with another local marketing expert, Boo Zamek, Meredith produced an online course called “Instagram Strategy for Busy Doctors," which helped medical practices learn how to manage successful marketing campaigns in-house.

"I am so happy with the strategy Meredith and Boo taught me! They are extremely knowledgeable and took time to understand my business, my brand and my goals before starting any work. They made specific suggestions to help me build my marketing campaign to reach those goals, and taught me how to measure my results to continue improving them. I highly recommend Meredith and Boo." 


- John Guda, M.D.

CEO/CMO USADoctorConsult.com

She Decided

With a confident realization that she could bring more value to business owners by helping them analyze their potential growth opportunities and then design and implement a plan for success, Meredith earned a "Paid Traffic Specialist" certification from Digital Marketer, joined Brandi Mowle's "Conversion For Clients", AND Jordan Gill's Done In a Day Mastermind.

Since then Meredith has been working one-on-one with both local Miami businesses and online service providers to craft brand stories, design and optimize websites and sales funnels and create targeted online advertising campaigns.   

She looks forward to working with you too.

Your Ideal Clients Are Waiting On You

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