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Pitch Yourself To Be a Guest on Podcasts

pitchingyourself podcastguest podcasts Dec 07, 2021
Pitch Yourself To Be a Guest on Podcasts

 If you are the type of person to grow yourself or your business, chances are you are a lover of podcasts. You probably even have a few favorites out there. I love them so much it’s hard for me to pick a favorite! It all started with Serial, Season 1, hosted by the creators of “This American Life”, and then I found Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy, and then my favorite list exploded! I shared ten podcasts in my regular line-up here

 In this blog I’m going to touch on tips on how to 

Pitch Yourself To Be a Guest on Podcasts

 Most podcast hosts invite guests on their podcasts. It  allows for the podcast to have a conversational style and add additional insight.  (Which never hurts!)


If you’re looking to grow your business, being a podcast guest will be the perfect touch! When you are on a podcast, you are given the opportunity to advertise your personality, expertise and your business. If you make great contributions to the conversation, people will be excited to learn more and get to know you and your brand! 

 Is it your dream to be a guest on your favorite podcast? The first step is to pitch yourself! Here are some tips to help you pitch! 

  • Follow podcast hosts and interact with them.

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 If you have a podcast host that is your absolute favorite, you better be fangirling hard! Believe it or not this will capture the hosts attention and make you stand out! Be sure to engage in every way possible! Whether this is engaging with their weekly email, commenting on all their posts or swiping up on their stories! Be sure to show them the dedicated fangirl you truly are! 

  • Leave reviews.

Whenever you want to buy that new expensive beauty product, what do you do? Yep, read the reviews! Businesses build credibility through the use of reviews. Give your favorite podcast host all the love by leaving reviews on their podcasts. Tell them what stuck out to you, what point you loved or share a similar experience! Leaving reviews will be way more appreciated by the host than you may think! 

  • Cite specific examples to get recognized. 

 If you are willing to do whatever it takes to connect with the host, reach out with specific examples from their podcasts. It helps the host to know that you actually listened to the podcast, and that you actually care about what was said. If you are a genuine believer in a topic or a smaller statement, reach out and make it known! Form the connection over a common thread!

  • Create a Pitch Template. 

 Go the extra mile and create a pitch template that will get your point across as to why you would be a great guest on their podcast. Introduce yourself, discuss the topics that you would love to further discuss, explain why you align with your audience, mention how much you love the podcast or how much it has impacted you, address the awards or or credit you have been given and who from, leave your contact info and reinforce how you look forward to speaking with them soon. Templates are great ways to lay out everything the podcast host needs to know in order to make the decision to bring you on as a guest. You want to make the value you will bring to the podcast extremely clear! Differentiate why you would be the best candidate. Really market yourself here! 

  For an example of a template to pitch yourself, head to Michelle Evans blog, “ Pitch Yourself As A Podcast Guest Like A Pro” here

  • Follow up. 

 It can make or break a deal if you forget to follow-up with the podcast host. Let’s say you haven’t heard from them in a few days since you last reached out. Try reaching out again with a formal email that proves that your interest is still there. 

 Remember to embrace your inner fangirl by engaging with the podcast host! These tips are a few ways to help you get your foot in the door by pitching your best self! Show the host that YOU have value to offer them!


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