Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Results

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Results

Start by asking yourself "How Do You Feel?"

In order to launch my YouTube channel I did a lot of studying.  I listened to podcasts, watched TedTalks and read A LOT of books.  I reviewed best practices on marketing techniques that I already utilized and learned quite a few that I wanted to try out in my own business.

There was often conflicting information.  Tyler McCall (one of my favorite Instagram teachers) would sing the praises of one Instagram strategy when  Amy Porterfield (my favorite podcaster) would say that method was not so great.

But EVERYONE agreed one one thing.. that the most important thing for an entrepreneur to master was her mindset.

And as I dug deeper.  I realized they were all basically saying the same thing.  

If I change my thoughts I will change my results.

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