Customer Experience WOW

7 Key Elements to include in your Customer Service Strategy to WOW Every Customer Every Time

Customer Service Brainstorming Worksheet

Customer Experience WOW

In this episode of The Meredith Kallaher Show I'm talking about how to provide exceptional customer service.

Can you imagine how proud you would be of the job that you do AND how confident you would be in the longevity of your company if every time someone did business with you they said "WOW, that was awesome!?

For the last month we've been talking about Word of Mouth Marketing. Statistics show that Word of Mouth Marketing is the most effective form of marketing for small businesses

The foundation of word of mouth marketing is customer service.

IF we EXCEED customers' expectations.

if we surprise them and their customer experience is EVEN BETTER than they imagined it could be,

if they say WOW,

then we will turn our customers into walking billboards. We will turn our customers into free marketing agents for our business.

I have identified 7 Key Elements of Exceptional Customer Service and in this video go over each of them and give examples from my own business and from those with whom I work on TSG Miami. Watch the full video here.

You guys, as small business owners customer service is our competitive edge! Typically small businesses, can't compete on price, advertising dollars spent, or even quantity/variety of goods sold/services offered.

But what can we do? We can treat our customers differently. We can treat our customers EXCEPTIONALITY. Our customer's experience can differentiate us from our competition.

Watch this video to identify business strategies you could incorporate into your business plan to bring an exceptional experience to your customers.

And while your watching... take notes! I've created a Customer Service Brainstorming Worksheet to help you capture all of your ideas that includes thought provoking questions to help get your ideas flowing.

Find this worksheet here



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