Everything You Need to Know in 2019 to Execute a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Your 2019 Instagram Marketing Strategy


Instagram is a great free tool to find leads for your company and then engages those leads and turn them into raving fans or customers!

 I have put together an Instagram Marketing Strategy to grow your followers and then engage them to become raving fans considering the 2019 algorithm! 

The best part? You don't have to implement this strategy yourself.  Remember, social media is a FREE tool but it does COST to be successful- you must be willing to spend TIME or MONEY. 

You can either:

1. Download this strategy, learn it, and spend your time  implementing it yourself.

2. Download this strategy, learn it, and pay someone else to implement it for you..

Either way, you are in charge and can measure success.  And if you do decide to spend your money on marketing your company via social media.. you  will not be wasting it. 

There are soo many companies out there that are wiling to sell you their services to market your company on social media, but are you sure they know what they are doing? If they don't have success do you know how to tell them what adjustments to make on their posts?

On the flip side, just because your 16 year old neighbor has 12,000 Instagram followers does not mean she knows how to market a business on Instagram... BUT, she might be really good at following directions.  The beauty of learning my strategy is then you can hire a friend, a neighbor, someone in your office, or even one of those fancy Social Media Strategists, at a reduced rate, to execute the strategy for you..  the skills required included dependability, willingness to learn and good at following directions.  No prior Instagram Marketing Strategy Knowledge Necessary

Because I've got that.. and am sharing it with you on today's video

NOTE: below  is the detailed the strategy in a 2 page document!. 


I referred to a few tools I like to use to implement my Instagram Marketing Strategy.  Here are links to those tools:

The Light Room App : https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-lightroom.html
The Digi Girls : https://www.thedigigirls.com/
Planoly: https://www.planoly.com
Jumper Media: https://jumpermedia.co/


Download a PDF detailing your Instagram Marketing Strategy


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