6 Ways to Find Awesome Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags can build your brand, boost a marketing campaign, and help your target audience find you.

So you hashtag a post, and then what happens? Well, audiences can discover you when they search a hashtag on Instagram.  Your post will show up on that particular "hashtag page."

There are 3 spots on Instagram you can include hashtags: 

1. On a post you can use 30 hashtags.   I say, go for 30. Maybe you want to use 28 in case one of your commenters wants to use a hashtag, then you won't have used them all up. But, why not if you have the opportunity to meet 30 new clients, wouldn't you take it? Right, so use those 30 chances to introduce yourself to new audiences.

2. You can use hashtags in Instagram Stories.  A hashtagged story will give you the opportunity to show up on the explorer page for that hashtag.

3. Something, that's fairly new is you can use a hashtag in your profile on Instagram, and it's actually clickable.\if you put that clickable hashtag in your bio.

Watch this video to learn  six methods that I like to use to come up with WHICH 30 hashtags to put on each post.

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