How to Optimize and Upload a YouTube Video

Use YouTube to Brand Your Business

Use YouTube To Brand Your Business

 It's not called business media, it's called social media..

It seems like there is an art to promoting your business on Instagram while  not coming across too, well business-y.

But sometimes you just don't have time to be artistic, or get creative... you just need to post and go.

And there is another thing... what personal information should you post? It's a family rule not to share photos of your children and you are pretty sure people don't want to see the eggs you ate for breakfast.

Well never fear, I have 5 suggestions for great personal posts for your business Instagram Account.  See examples of these suggestions on The Meredith Kallaher Show this week.

You can use these Hacks to write Personal Instagram Captions with a photo of you OR a great photo of an object. 

In Your Instagram Caption:

1. Write 2 lines from your favorite song + why you like it + where you were the first time you heard that song.

2. Write what you love or don't love about something you are wearing + where you would rather be wearing it.

3. Write what we don't see in the photo you post and how that makes you feel.

4. First, last,best, worst.

5. Become magnetic- take a stand!



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