How to Create a GREAT Instagram Story

Create a Great Instagram Story without using any other outside apps. Let me show you how to build an Instagram Story and turns your followers into customers INSIDE the Instagram app.

Want to learn how to create Great Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is THE BEST tool in social media that allows us to tell a story to our followers.  We human LOVE a good story and this is then the KEY to turning your followers into customers!

The FUN PART is that you can make a great Instagram Story, within the Instagram App itself.

In this video I will share my screen and show you how to use your app to build all 3 elements of a great Instagram Story.

And what are the three elements of a GREAT Instagram Story?  Well I'm so glad that you asked!

A great instagram story:

1. Tells a story (there is a beginning, middle and end).

2.  Keeps us interested.  And how does it do that? A great Instagram Story is interesting because it uses a variety of media (i.e. photos, videos, and or words).

3. The Instagram Story is captioned with words.

Watch this approximately 10 minute video and you will be ready to create a GREAT Instagram story of your own. 


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