How to Grow an Instagram Account: Tips and Tools for Success

Watch as I review 3 medical practice Instagram accounts and offered suggestions for growth.

Our Review

Notes for our review of 3 Instagram Accounts

  • Account name: Be sure the account is the doctor's name, not the practice name. Remember that Instagram is social media! Users would rather socialize with a person than with a clinic.
  • Description: Although the maximum number of characters allowed for the profile is 150 characters, we suggest making it crystal clear what you do. For example, instead of "SLC Miami," write out the words "Sports & Leisure Clinic in Miami". Be sure and add your city/town to the description!
  • CTA: In the limited character count, prioritize the call to action! For example, instead of "check us out," make it stronger by telling them what you want them to do: "Make an appointment" or "become a patient." Arrows / emojis pointing to the CTA are always a good idea!
  • Get personal: Share some personal info about the doctor. What does he/she do in his spare time? Talk to your followers about it. Tell them when he started playing this sport, what got him interested in it, etc.
  • Talk about your town: The doctors whose accounts we reviewed all live in Miami. What does your doctor like to do in the 305? How do they live their best life in The Magic City? This personal info helps you increase your "know, like and trust." When your followers need or want your services, they'll remember their friend on Instagram.
  • Highlights: Add Instagram Stories Highlights to your profile, categorized by the different kinds of problems you solve.
  • Stories: We suggest you publish one 3-part story every day. This means 3 slides: a beginning, a middle and an end. If you are posting to your Instagram feed every  3-4 days, that's ok. But add a story each day.
  • Grid: Use pretty photos! Also edit your photos to look consistent. A good looking grid will get you far!
  • Quote slides: We are big believers in using quote slides! They are easy to create, people love them, and they make your feed look pretty.
  • Captions: People love captions that feel warm and personal -- as if you're talking (not writing) to them. Don't be afraid of long captions! "Long form captions" help you! Instagram likes this engagement, so the algorithms work in your favor. Also be sure your captions are not 'businessy'.
  • Photo Slides We suggest not using logos (but if you do use a logo on your posts, add an @ before your name: @toddgiardina). If other Instagram users steal and use your content, be ok with that! They're doing it because it's valuable content and the universe will return that value to you. Also, if they like your post they might save it which also benefits you in the algorithms. 
  • Educate: Keep your account light and fun, but educate them just a little. For example little known facts (one at a time) about dentistry. For example, "did you know: root canals don't hurt as much as they used to!"
  • Follower count: Need more followers? Invite your friends & family to follow you! Do this by first going to follow them. Then like and comment on their posts regularly. Also, tag your patients in the photos when appropriate. For example, Dr. Addison had a dental patient who held up a sign that read "I can't feel my face when I'm with you." Don't just post it -- tag her! Not only will she see it, but so will her friends and family.
  • Post your Instagram account on your personal FB page. Just post something like "follow me on Instagram here" once in a while.
  • Make sure your are Geotagging your post. This means you add your location to your profile (it will show up under your account name).
  • Hashtags: Make them local. For example, don't only use #wellness but also use #miamiwellness.

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