5 Ways to Attract More patients Using LinkedIn

Are you a doctor looking to attract more patients?

Try using LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is the most highly respected online B2B channel on the entire planet and it’s where your patients (or their advocates) are hanging out. And, it's free! If you’re not engaging with your current and potential patients on LinkedIn, one of your peers (translation: competitors) will!

LinkedIn can be a goldmine -- IF you use a smart strategy. 

Our doctors tell us they wrestle with LinkedIn. They know it’s an important place for them to be, but they aren’t making it a priority because they don’t have time to figure out how to use it to their advantage, let alone manage an ongoing campaign – and they don't want to outsource their social media.

The best way to grow your practice using social media is to build ‘clout.’

 When you have clout, it means people are listening to you. And this means you are positioned to educate your new and potential patients and deliver information directly to them that is correct and accurate. Doing this leads to fans and followers, and fans and followers mean a direct pipeline to more prospective patients.

Wondering how to build clout?

Our answer is one word: CONTENT.

We have developed a powerful content strategy for LinkedIn, specifically for private practice doctors. And we’re sharing it with you for FREE!

The strategy is outlined in detail RIGHT HERE in this week’s video.

Get started today and let us know how it goes!

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