Making New Friends As An Adult is Easier Than You Think

6 Tips That Work

Friends Do Business With Friends.  So more friends equal more business, right? YES! :)

Last week on "The Meredith Kallaher Show" I kicked off a series on Word of Mouth Marketing.  It has been proven that Word of Mouth  is the most effective marketing tool for small businesses.  Each week  I will look at an aspect of Word of Mouth and suggest ways you could strategize to increase your  sales.

Word of Mouth begins with friends. 

Next week we will cover how to meet friends at networking events rather than spamming strangers with business cards.

But this week I am going to share 6 strategies that I used to make friends when I moved to Miami. 

Over 7 years ago I moved to the Magic City with my husband and 3 children.  I didn't know anyone but the realtor assigned by our relocation company who asked me how I was able to keep weight on even though I had just run a marathon (she wasn't my favorite).

It was a big move. Good bye parties. Selling my grandmother's home. New job. New next door neighbor watering the lawn in a bikini. New house. New peacocks. New schools. And after a few months I was ready for some NEW friends. 

I took to the internet... maybe you remember? I wrote a blog called "Meredith in Miami" on which I challenged myself to figure out the best ways to meet friends in Miami.

And I did it! I figured it out... well maybe I don't have all of the answers but I have developed some wonderful friendships.  I identified 6 strategies that helped make that happen and I am excited to share them with you.

Because maybe you would like a few new friends. Maybe you have for a while, but who has time for that, right?

I'm hoping that since we now agree that more friends means more business that you will prioritize your friend making for your business's sake. See no guilt involved here when you are having fun.

And yes.. I do know meeting new people is not always fun for everyone.  But check this out.  I have 6 proven friend making strategies that work.  


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