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Online Content Creator & Live Event Host for Dance Educators

What my Facebook Ads Manager has given me is a big breakthrough.



Director of ABC Music multiple locations in Toronto,CA

I don't think I've ever seen so many leads in such a short time frame.. I'm delighted with all of this!


A few of my recent clients

Hi, I'm Meredith.

It may seem impossible with all of the changes over the last year, that someone could use Facebook Ads to grow their Email list for less than $2 a lead...


And there is no magic wand necessary!

In fact, in 2023, my client Christina, owner of Build Math Minds, added over 20,000 subscribers to her email list for an average cost under $0.92!

Some people will dabble in Facebook and Instagram ads, try small campaigns here or there without seeing any great results... and then just give up on trying to rely on paid traffic at all.

Others will run a "winning" ad campaign for their first launch, but then not spend any time in Ads Manager until their next launch when they find themselves scrambling for new warm audience members.. it feels like starting from scratch each and every launch and can get real expensive (converting cold audiences gets pricey!).

Neither of these strategies results in the consistent sales every business owner wants. 


So what is the alternative? 

Continually running a Facebook Ad Strategy that (1) uncovers the true desires and interests of your future customers and community; (2) consistently builds and helps maintain BIG LOVE/SUPER FANS for the value your business provides; (3) inspires your community and audience to engage and (4) converts customers with confidence and ease which ultimately creates consistent sales for your business. 

And good news! You don't have to be afraid of the word "continually"... it doesn't mean always spending big on your ads.

I can show you my 4-part Campaign Strategy that includes campaigns with low ad spend....

If you're serious about implementing a Facebook Ad Campaign that creates the results you want in 2024, I'm giving away my bag of tricks... including the winning paid ads strategy I have perfected with my clients over the last 3 years!

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