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My name is Meredith and I help business owners like you expand their reach and explode their sales with digital ads, conversion copy, or Kajabi build-out services.

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Amazing FBA Amazon and ECommerce Podcast

Creating Brand story for Ecommerce and Conversion Copywriting (Episode 202)

Listen as podcast host Michael Veazy and Meredith reviewed the power of a brand story as defined by Donald Miller in his New York Time's best selling author Building a Story Brand . We discussed  how and why an  ecommerce businesses es can easily create their brand story!

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Customer Journey and Your Story Brand (Episode 203)

In our Story Brand Part II podcast episode, host Michael Veazy and Meredith discuss the best places to use their Brand Story in an ecommerce business's customer's journey. 


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As Promised! Best Selling Author Donald Miller's Free Brand Story Tool

Use this fill-in-the-blank tool to create the story of your brand which will make creating the marketing for your business so much easier!

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My Tip Sheet on Strategically Using Your Brand Story In Your Marketing Along Your Customer's Journey

Use these tips to strategically use your Brand Story in your marketing to increase your customer conversions and make more sales.



Copy Creation Will Be So Much Easier


In our 2 part podcast interview on the 10K Collective podcast, Michael Veazy and I discussed WHY and HOW Business Owners should/could write their Brand Story and then the best places to use this Brand Story in their marketing efforts.

Listen to both podcasts interviews here

Want to learn more about writing your Brand Story? Read my recent blogpost on the subject here

I help business owners like you with...

FB and IG Strategy and Management

We'll create a custom digital ads strategy to grow your reach and explode your sales.

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Conversion Copywriting

We'll place the  BEST WORDS in the RIGHT SPOT at the RIGHT TIME in your customer's journey to help you CLOSE A SALE as fast as possible.

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Kajabi Buildout

We'll design and build a product, sales page, or website in Kajabi, my favorite digital online platform.

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