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How To Write Your Business's Brand Story

blogging brand story building your business marketing for your business seo Jun 28, 2021
Meredith Kallaher teaches how to write your business's brand story

When launching a new business, an eager entrepreneur often jumps to marketing vehicles she sees her more seasoned counterparts using to generate money!


Dancing and pointing on Instagram reels, Influencers, underwriting of a charity event- wanting to get the word out of her new venture AS FAST POSSIBLE.


BUT, these early efforts can cause a lot of confusion later.  And as Donald Miller,  one of my favorite Entrepreneurial Experts, always says "If you confuse, you'll lose."


Were you leading with the value your business will bring to your customers (the most important message to convey in marketing)?


Does the message you shared tell a story that later marketing efforts can build upon?


Before starting to advertise your business develop and write the story of your brand!


A brand story is a cohesive narrative that depicts the facts and feelings created by your brand.


Having this story in place will make it so much easier to create content for all aspects of your marketing: social media, website, emails, and advertisements.


So How Do You Write a Brand Story? 


The easiest way to make this happen is to follow the blueprint Donald Miller created in his wildly successful NYT Best-selling book “Building a Story Brand.”


In his book, Miller  teaches  that every brand should make the customer the HERO of her own story and the business owner her guide!


Using Miller’s guidelines, you can create your own brand story by following these steps:


  1. Identify your Ideal Customer or Hero. The more specific you get the easier it will be for you to build her story. Is she a mom? How old is she? Does she work outside the home? What is her favorite food? Get specific!
  2. I identify your hero’s desires as they relate to your business (What does she really want?) and the problems surrounding this desire (why doesn’t she have it yet?)
  3. Define YOU the guide: What authority do you or your business have to guide or hero? What expertise? (Testimonials work great here)
  4. What is your offer and how does the customer obtain it? (product/service/call to action)
  5. What are the results? How will your character be transformed after purchasing from you or working with you?


Include your completed story in your Brand Guide, alongside your logo and color and font choices.


Whether a freelance service provider, an employee or YOU are creating content for your business’s marketing needs, the brand story makes it so much easier to create content that attracts ideal customers to your business and generates sales.


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