Conversion Copywriting Services


Words are powerful.


But not just WHICH WORDS you use.


WHERE you place your WORDS and WHEN you use them can change EVERYTHING


I provide custom copy writing packages to help you place your BEST WORDS in the RIGHT SPOT at the RIGHT TIME in your customer's journey to help you CLOSE A SALE as fast as possible.


The Copywriting Process


1. We will develop your Brand Story which is the foundation for all of your conversion copy.  Using Donald Miller’s "Story Brand" Method, we will begin with a comprehensive questionnaire walking you through the data we need to know about your customer to move her from stranger to an adoring fan and member of you customer base.


2. We will deliver your compelling, unique brand story which will become an essential part of your brand guide for you to introduce all future employees and/or service contractors to your customer’s journey.

This brand guide outlines the desires, fears and pain points of your ideal customer which will make it very easy for future service providers to pinpoint the necessary advertisements to quickly create profit for your bottom line. This will include up to 6 pages of 300-1200 words of copywriting, so you can review them and simply plug-and-play… plus use of SEO rich keyword writing.


3.  Your package will include wireframing of your website, product or sales funnel and the best practices for copy and flow, so you can send it off to your developer (and yes, if it’s you, that is perfect!)


4.  You will receive full copywrites of your copy. Your copy is yours to do with what you wish.


 5.. A final 30-minute marketing call to discuss the best way to further use your brand story, as an extension of your website or current offers, to help you attract your ideal customers.


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