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5 Tips to Manage Your Inbox

building your business business managing your inbox Oct 26, 2021
5 Tips to Manage Your Inbox

We’ve all been in a retail store where we’ve checked out and the sales associate asks, “Can I have your email?” If you’re like me, you probably feel bad saying no, so you give the cashier your email address to refrain from awkwardness. Let’s be real, our inboxes get cluttered. 


You may also use your email for personal matters, work things, etc. This makes things way more overwhelming. Whether it’s junk mail or emails that are urgent, there are bold subject lines staring you in the face. In this blog, we’re going to talk about

5 Tips to Manage Your Inbox

 1. Delete Any Emails From Unwanted Contacts 

Looking at too many emails at once can be frustrating because you feel like you have multiple things you have to attend to. If shopping isn’t on your mind, don’t even open them, just delete them. Depending on your email provider, you may have a folder titled, ‘Promotions”, in this case you can select them all and delete them with one click. 

2. Favorite Important Emails

If you have emails that require your immediate attention or need to be saved for later, favorite it. This way you won’t have to sort through other emails  trying to hunt for what you’re looking for.

3. Create Folders 

Whether you use your email primarily for one thing or for multiple, there are always ways to organize it more. If you use it for one area, you can break it down into subcategories as folders. For example, you could make meeting-related emails in  one folder, group projects as another folder, etc.


If you use your email for many things you could either organize your folders in a more broad manner or in a more specific manner. Whatever is easier for you!   Check out Collabware's suggestions on easy email categories here


4. Frequently Clear Out Old Emails

Sometimes holding onto an old email just feels good. You feel attached or as if it is too important to get rid of it. The reality is, if you haven’t touched it in weeks or a few months, girl, let it go! Chances are you probably won’t need it and it is just giving you more clutter than you really need. 

5. Unsubscribe to Unwanted Mail 

Sometimes we don’t realize how many times we give our email out. Maybe it’s just to refrain from awkwardness like we talked about before, or maybe you thought you would get something out of it.  If you never really interact with those companies or you find yourself always deleting them, it’s time to unsubscribe. You’ll be sure to have more space! 


These tips will definitely help you stay sane the next time you open your email! 


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