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Block Scheduling Helps Small Business Owners Get More Done

block scheduling building your business small business profit Oct 20, 2021
Block Scheduling Helped Her Build Her Small Business

If you’re reading this, this is your sign to finish the task you’ve been putting off.

Yes, you.

The business world is a happening place. There is always so much going on and changing. Let’s not forget that we also have to balance our social life and home responsibilities as well. 


Sometimes we have tasks staring us right in the face and we choose to look the other way. This is what we call procrastination. Some of us are natural procrastinators. I have a trick that will help you not wait till the last hour before your deadline to work on your task.


The best tip I have come across to help me with procrastinating or just to feel more productive is to use Block Scheduling. 


Block Scheduling Helps Small Business Owners Get More Done


Essentially, you can break the blocks however you want. For example, a morning, afternoon, and evening block,  hourly blocks or set time blocks. Choose whichever works best for you!


If you write down everything you need to get done, you’ll have your goals right in front of you. I like to then organize the to-do list into similar tasks (i.e. writing emails, doing research, creating social media posts). 

(See advice on organizing your task "Brain Dump" here on the Blissful Mind Blog)


Then you can just plug and chug. Say you have a task that will take one hour tops and it’s due Friday evening. Schedule 20 minutes a day to work on it to ensure that the task will be complete for Friday’s due date.


(If it helps, make your blocks shorter if you work better with more breaks! Longer blocks are better for people who can stay focused and productive in longer periods of time.)

This nifty method can allow you to even achieve more at times than expected. It’s always key to block out more time than you need because you never know when you’ll run into a problem. Your computer may crash or you may get a call from the school nurse to pick up your child. 


However, let’s say you don’t run into any issues and the task only takes you 30 minutes total. This means that you still have 30 mins blocked out. Do what you wish with this time (but I always suggest getting ahead). You already have the time blocked out, so you might as well put it to good use!   

Block scheduling can really change the way you work, for the better!

Once you start block scheduling, you’ll never go back to your old ways. 

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