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Brendon Burchard on Copy that Converts 2022

brendan burchard conversion rate optimization copywriting emailcopywriting marketing for your business Sep 28, 2022
Brendan Burchard speaking at Funnel Hacking Live 2022


Forbes magazine named him "the world's leading high-performance coach," and O, the Oprah Magazine called him "one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth."

When Brendan Burchard walked out on stage at Funnel Hacking Live, the 4-day digital marketing conference put on by Click Funnels, I was ready to be wowed with a speech full of inspirational tips on personal development, but instead, I was blown away with tactical marketing tips presented in a way I had never seen before.

Brendan Burchard spoke on Sales Copy that Converts in 2022.

Brendan explained that we will increase our results, and decrease the cost of our conversions on our sales pages and ads when we address 4 desires of our community or potential customers. 

Brendan pulled out a whiteboard,  drew a triangle and  said our copy needs to address the following human desires:

He explained that our copy should address the following human desires:


It's that excitement, joy, and passion. When you lose it you don't feel the day anymore. People don't want to feel drained or bored but desire a sense of adventure or purpose. 


Brendan explained that what we really want is a deep meaningful connection with a few people. In our marketing copy, we should remember to reference the "extended benefits" or "benefit extensions" that our service or product provides. How does what you do help the family, friends, and team of your customers? Tell them in the sales copy and you will see your sales increase.

Meaningful Pursuit

People like to know that what we are doing is important! Brendan said, "this needs to be a core part of your messaging." When a person works with you, why is it meaningful in their life?


Simply, people want to know they will grow working with you! Brendan explained that our community wants to sense that we will activate their potential and accelerate their growth and one of the best ways we can do this is to share stories or our customers' results, or our own results. How we grew and changed and how they can too.

When we address our customers' inner desires we are really selling confidence to change and try something new! We are providing inspiration and a path to a shift in our potential customers' lives. 

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