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Follow these Steps to Create A YouTube Video that Your Potential Customers Will Find and Watch

small business on youtube tubebuddy youtub youtube video May 03, 2022
Follow these Steps to Create A YouTube Video that Your Potential Customers Will Find and Watch

If you have decided to make the leap and start a YouTube channel for your small business, congrats! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started! When getting started on YouTube, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin: begin with a plan, because hope is not a strategy. Create a Youtube content calendar for your first 5 videos and then review and analyze each video's results before you move further to see what resonated with your audience.

More often than not people come to Youtube to find answers and get help. So to answer people’s queries we’re looking to provide “how to” topics or “reviews of products or services'' or “suggested itineraries for events or visiting new places.” Focusing on this type of information to be shared on your new YouTube channel can be a great way to help you get started! 

Follow these Steps to Create A YouTube Video that Your Potential Customers Will Find and Watch

  1. ICA: Like I’ve mentioned before, putting yourself in your ideal customer avatars (ICA) shoe’s really helps! Think about what topics your ICA is interested in. You can see this by reviewing the data from your social media content/email open rates/ google analytics , etc. 
  2. Competitors: Go to your competitors and see what topics have worked for them! If you worry that you might plagiarize, don’t watch the video! Just scan their channel for the videos with the most views. You can also look into the comments and see what viewers are asking and commenting on those top performing videos.
  3. Facebook Groups: Believe it or not, Industry Facebook groups are overflowing with tactics for business owners to follow. Individuals that enjoy something specific, love to learn more tips and tricks about that topic. You can find a ton of individuals that fall under your ICA in one category. Research the questions they are asking, and base a video off of it! Chances are more than one individual has the same, or a similar question! 
  4. TubeBuddy:TubeBuddy is a software specifically targeted for YouTube content creators. It can be synced directly with your channel and will make your life so much easier!  It’s great for optimizing your YouTube videos for what your ICA is actually searching for.

 In the back end of your YouTube channel, you are able to see what individuals searched to be directed to your page. TubeBuddy then breaks down the analytics for each video. Typically a broader search isn’t good for driving traffic to your page because the majority of other creators have the same or a similar title to their video. TubeBuddy helps you narrow down the best titles for your channel to be discoverable on YouTube. 


You are also able to use tags on TubeBuddy which are essentially keywords that are searchable. By having the tags associated with your video, your content can be discoverable that way. The really neat thing is that you are able to view your competitors tags (especially the competitors with great views)! This really evens the playing field. 


To get your audience engaged on your channel, TubeBuddy also has tools that can make the thumbnail of your video super appealing to click on with text and graphic overlays! There is also a Playlist Action feature that puts your best videos in a playlist order for your subscribers and viewers to stay hooked on your page. 


By researching your ICA, competitors, tools such as Facebook Groups and TubeBuddy you’ll be sure to come up with top-quality YouTube topics for your small business. Since you’re an expert in your field, educating your audience will be a breeze. However, determining topics that your audience will watch may just be the hardest part.


I hope this blog gave you some inspiration to find topics for your next YouTube video! If you are still deciding if you should make aYouTube channel to market your small business, click here

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