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How to Become a More Consistent Blogger

blogging consistency seo Jan 04, 2022
How to Become a More Consistent Blogger

Whether you are blogging part-time or full-time, being consistent will lead you to results that you will be happy to see. Consistency is key when it comes to blogging, it is how you will be the most successful. You have to show up. Let's talk about ways on 

How To Become a More Consistent Blogger

Sending out a weekly blog and email are great ways to be consistent for a few reasons. When your subscribers see that you are creating content on a regular basis you are creating credibility, accountability, and increasing your SEO. 

Creating Credibility

 Blogging can be a hard game if you’re not consistent. The time and effort you put into your blogging will show in the results. The harder you work, the faster you will receive the results you want. Blogging can have a slow start, but consistency will speed up the process of making your blog well-known. 

By working hard and producing quality content, you will begin to establish credibility. Your audience will start to see a theme of your blog and trust your site. Your subscriber list should grow the longer you are writing on your blog.


Becoming Accountable   

Being accountable for yourself and your audience will make a huge difference in your blogging. Holding yourself accountable will encourage you to actually develop content each week for your blog to be published. Let’s say your goal is to have your blogs done on Friday at 5 PM because they hit your audience every Monday morning at 8 AM. 

This makes you hold yourself accountable for both yourself and your audience. Remember you are creating credibility for your audience to trust in you. When your audience sees that you show up consistently, they will have trust in the content you produce. 

Increase Optimization

SEO is a huge part of the blog world. To be successful, you must implement SEO tactics into your weekly blog. Conducting keyword research, including backlinks, adding alt text to images, etc will help increase your website SEO results on the SERP page in turn allowing for you to be more consistent in your audience's searches. 

Sometimes life gets in the way making it easy to slip away from our blogging. This is why consistency is key!

Stay consistent by: 

 Planning Ahead


Make lists of future content you’d love to share, this will help keep you inspired each week to produce content on a regular basis. This will make it hard to fall off of track. 

Send Out Weekly Emails to Your Email Subscribers for Extra Engagement

Whenever you have a new blog ready to go be sure to send it out to your subscribers via a weekly email. 

Weekly emails are the perfect way to add consistency to your blogging routine. Check in with your followers, give them an update and share the new blog! This will hopefully boost your open rates! 

Send Out Frequent Discounts or Freebies

Your subscribers love when you choose to cut them a deal! Offer them a resource so irresistible that they can’t say no! This will hook them into staying around to see what else you can offer them! Chances are you already provide your subscribers with resources to help them achieve their goals but make it more appealing by launching email campaign sales! 

Once you take the time to be more consistent with your blog, you will notice better results, as people are visiting your page more! This should mean that you are securing new readers for your blog.  So continue to show up for you and your business. Consistency is key!

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