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How to use Sprint Testing to Select Your Profitable Speaking Topic featuring an interview with Jenn Zellers

facebook ads strategy sprint testing virtual summit Nov 30, 2023
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Recently, at Jordan Gill’s Make Your Mark Live event I geeked out with the coolest entrepreneur about VIRTUAL SUMMITS!

For the last 2+ years I have managed the ad strategy for a client who has a very large annual summit (over 20k+ participants) and at the conference in Dallas it was great to exchange "summit stories" with Jenn Zellers, who is an expert strategist for Virtual Summit Speakers and Hosts!

We decided that other online business owners might enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at our virtual summit chat conversation, so we decided to record a virtual coffee chat during which we unpacked how you can leverage guesting at summits to stand out in your industry AND  use sprint testing, to find the perfect topic on which to speak at that summit!

So please enjoy an excerpt of the transcript from our recent conversation, to learn

How to use Sprint Testing to Select Your Profitable Speaking Topic

Meredith: I'm delighted to welcome Jenn Zellers, a virtual summit strategist who is pivotal in enhancing the impact of virtual summits. Jenn, please introduce yourself and tell us about the business!


So primarily with the host side, I work with folks after their summit's already gone live and wrapped up and we evergreen their summit so that it can live on forever and take all of those months of work that they put into it and just keep it paying dividends.

But on the front end,  I work with speakers, and help them hone in on a Profitable Speaking Topic. We're helping them create a sleaze-free sales strategy and a visibility ecosystem so they can make four-figure sales on repeat through speaking. And so I've worked both sides with the speaking and the hosting. And I've hosted five of my own summits at this point. So, do a little bit of everything when it comes to summits.

Meredith: That’s so cool! Will you start by explaining why speaking at a summit is such a golden opportunity for experts like our readers?

Jenn: Thanks, Meredith. Being a guest speaker at a summit is a unique chance to shine in front of an engaged audience that's hungry for your expertise. You're not just sharing knowledge; you're strategically positioning yourself as the go-to expert.

Unlike a podcast, a summit presentation is often a standalone showcase of your expertise, you do more teaching and sometimes even “workshopping.”

Meredith: I bet it can be hard for speakers to select the right topic.

Jenn Yep, people find it challenging. It’s about the intersection of passion and strategy. Your speaking topic should light you up because that enthusiasm is infectious. But it should also align with what your audience actively seeks. I guide people to also incorporate  a sleaze-free sales strategy, to maximize the opportunity.

Meredith: Absolutely, Jenn. And since that topic is soo important it would be really cool to use Sprint Testing to select your topic! It’s a testing tool that I use to help my clients quickly find the headlines and copy that their audience will respond to… summit speakers could use this testing to find the best topic and title to attracdt the audience for the specific summit where they are speaking and maximize their opportunity to be in front of them!

Sprint Testing allows you to fine-tune your topic so that when you do take that virtual stage, you're not only delivering value but also creating an irresistible hook for your business offerings.

Virtual Summit speakers could use sprint testing to find the perfect topic and presentation style for a specific audience of a summit in which they are participating, that would captivate them from the get-go.

Jenn: That's why being a speaker at a summit can be so impactful, and Sprint Testing ensures that your topic is not only relevant but also highly engaging.

Meredith: And it's that strategic positioning that can make all the difference.

Jenn: Yes, when I heard you speaking about sprint testing I thought it would be an awesome way for summit speakers to bridge the gap between their expertise and the audience's desires.

Meredith:  YESS!!! Maybe we should back up first and explain what Sprint Testing is.

Jenn: Sounds good

Meredith: Sprint Testing, a game-changing methodology I use in digital advertising. It's all about understanding what your audience will respond to - the words, images, and copy. We conduct small, rapid tests to find out what resonates with your audience, helping us optimize every part of a campaign, or in this case, your virtual summit presentation.

Jenn: So it's more than just A/B testing?

Meredith: Absolutely. Unlike traditional A/B testing, which might involve comparing two complete versions of an ad or a landing page, Sprint Testing breaks down the process. We test individual elements in rapid succession - this could be different headlines, images, or pain points. This way, we quickly determine what catches your audience's attention, without the heavy investment of time and resources typically involved in broader testing methods.

Jenn: So walk us through how it applies to picking a speaking topic for a virtual summit?

Meredith: OK. Let's say you're preparing to speak at a summit. You might have several topic ideas but are unsure which will resonate most with the audience. With Sprint Testing, you could test different aspects of these topics - key phrases, core ideas, and even potential titles. By analyzing audience responses, you can fine-tune your topic to ensure it's not just relevant but also compelling.

Jenn: That sounds incredibly efficient. It takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Meredith: Exactly, Jenn. It's all about making informed decisions. For instance, I worked with two yoga teachers on a chair yoga membership who targets people like me, i.e. people who run a business while sitting in a desk chair. Initially, I thought the term “Desk Worker” wouldn’t appeal to their future members, but when we used Sprint Testing to decide how to position their offer, the data proved otherwise and my “hunch” was wrong. They now successfully sell a great package called “Desk Wellness” so I’m so glad I didn’t “go with my gut.”  

This kind of insight could be invaluable when deciding on your summit topic. You learn what truly resonates with your audience, which can be quite surprising at times.

Jenn: And this can be a real difference-maker in a crowded summit schedule, where your session title needs to stand out.

Meredith: Precisely. By applying Sprint Testing, you're not just picking a topic; you're crafting an entry point that draws your audience in. It's about aligning your expertise with the audience's interests and needs, ensuring your session is the one they can't afford to miss.

Jenn: I can see how this approach would be a game-changer for anyone looking to maximize their impact at a virtual summit.


If you're an online business owner aiming to amplify your reach, consider the power of being a summit speaker. It's an unparalleled platform to showcase your expertise and connect with an audience ready to learn from the best.

And with Sprint Testing, you can refine your speaking topics to ensure they resonate deeply with your summit audience, turning interest into action and knowledge into profit. Learn how to sprint test from the author here

We encourage you to step forward and embrace the opportunity to speak at a virtual summit. Let Sprint Testing guide your topic selection, and let the strategy bolster your success.

Here's to building our businesses, honing our messages, and speaking on stages that elevate our reach and impact!

About Jenn Zeller:

Jenn is a strategist for virtual summit speakers and hosts. Through the Virtual Summit Search directories, she connects attendees with awesome summits, as well as hosts with speakers and service providers to help make their summit even more amazing. The Virtual Summit Search team also works with speakers to make the most of their summit presentations to grow their email list and get more sales - without being sleazy or gross! Jenn loves helping hosts and speakers make the most out of their virtual summits.

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