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Showcase Your Testimonials on your Website With Canva

building your business canva creating a website graphics for website testimonials Sep 28, 2021
Showcase Testimonials on Your Website with Canva

If you read last week’s blog, you know we touched on the importance of testimonials on your website! This blog will go into further detail of how you can showcase your testimonials with Canva!


 Canva is here to make designing a whole lot easier! Canva will bring your testimonials to life!

Showcase Your Testimonials on Your Website With Canva


When a reader is scrolling through your website, the hope is for them to engage with your website. A testimonial near a  Call-to Action pushes the consumer to further business with you. 


Getting Started With Your Design


Head to Canva to design your testimonials to have a cohesive look. You can keep them simplistic by only using fonts and colors. You could also make it busy by adding a background, shapes, text effects, colors and images! The decision is totally yours!


You can create your own custom size or choose from a size template already listed. Once you have the size, you have the option if you want to use a template for some guidance or create it from scratch.  Maybe you just need some template inspiration, and that’s okay, too!


Bring Your Inspiration To Life


After you find some inspiration, it’s time to make the design your own. With written testimonials you can copy and paste right into a Canva text box.  Keep in mind, the client may see the review, so make sure it’s their own words and you didn’t skew it or take it out of context.


If you’d like (and the client approves)  you can add  a photo or a video of who left the review to give it a more personable feel.


Add any designed elements you’d like to spice it up and download the graphic onto your computer.


Once you download the graphic, upload the graphic anywhere on the website. As mentioned above, near Call-to- Actions are always a great spot or even on your homepage!


Completed Website Look


Your testimonial that started as an email or video reply is now a beautiful graphic on your website.

Now readers will be drawn to the testimonial even more! This will hopefully seal the deal to want to do business with you! 

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