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Why Should I Purchase an Online Course Instead of Learning for FREE on Youtube?

building your business meredith recommends online course Aug 03, 2021
Connect with an Expert in an Online Course


According to Maryam Mohsin, in an article written for the Oberlo blog, dated January 25, 2021, there are 720,000 hours of video uploaded to Youtube daily.


So when there is so much free information at your fingertips, you might ask:


"Why Should I Purchase an Online Course Instead of Learning for FREE on Youtube?"




I mean how many times have you had one simple question, and 57 open screens later, you still haven't quite found what you were looking for and The Late, Late Late Show is about to end on the television?



But beyond that open-tab, rabbit-hole nightmare, I'll give you

6 Reasons You Should Invest in a Paid Course Rather than Rely on a search on Google or Youtube to answer your Questions:


1.  Often, paid courses connect you to teachers at the top of their industries  For a $180 annual subscription you could learn how to act from Natalie Portman or learn  creativity and leadership from Anna Wintour, on  (neither of whom offer a free class that I could find on the world wide web, but both of whom are part of the 100s of experts who host a course for

Online course platforms allow experts across all industries to connect with thousands of people interested in learning from them. This volume of buyers enables the "experts" to charge exponentially smaller prices than they usually command and still generate their standard  "Return on the Time"   (Is "RoT" an official Key Performance indicator of economics? If not it totally should be, right?).


2. The credibility of Youtube video makers can't always be verified. Instead of finding the answer to your question by typing your query into the YouTube search bar and relying on a free video someone uploaded you could start in reverse.

Find someone who is already doing that thing you want to do and check to see if they will teach you how she did it. 

i.e. Receive a gorgeous email newsletter each week? Maybe the sender has a course on how to put one together!  

Found an  Instagram account featuring tips on gorgeous gardens? Maybe that IG user has a Garden Course for Beginners


3. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. If you are trying to piece together a multi-step process with free content on youtube (i.e. build a website, or build a vegetable garden) how do you know you've found all of the necessary steps along the process to reach your end goal?


4. Receive Inbound Industry Updates.  Often, course creators provide industry updates which you wouldn't receive from a random Youtube video maker. Facebook has made massive changes to all aspects of Facebook and Instagram Ad creation and management. I have been so thankful for the updates I have received from the courses I purchased last year to help me navigate these changes and lead successful advertising campaigns for my clients.


5. Accountability.  When you put your money where your mouth is you are more likely to take action than when you learn something for free. Period.


6. Save Time Trade your dollars for a drastic reduction of information search time and get started creating value sooner.

Action is what creates results!

So let's go!


Speaking of Online Courses 

I have purchased two courses from Brandi Mowles. She taught and still teaches me how to set myself up for FAST GROWTH and how to efficiently and effectively operate an online, service-based business. 

This month she is offering a FREE, LIVE training workshop to help you learn to price your services and stop questioning what you should charge. 

This training series is LIVE and only happens once per year!  I encourage you to check her out!

This training series is live and only happens once per year! 

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