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Everyone tells you to test, but no one tells you what to test...


Nothing is less sexy than ad testing but if you or your team are merely "trying this" or "trying that" you are guessing and we call that "Spaghetti testing" and it is probably costing you BIG MONEY.


What if I told you that you could be ONE TEST AWAY from the success you always dreamed of?

What is a Lead Generation Machine BuildOut? 


Using an engineering approach to marketing*, that is faster, cheaper and smarter than the spaghetti testing used by most marketers we will...


Build a sales funnel with copy and images that we first test before incorporating them into a costly ad or landing page.


This "sprint testing," done over a 4-6 week period on Facebook, allows us to unlock high performing assets that will funnel AWESOME VALUE to your clients and ACCELERATE Your BUSINESS GROWTH.


*Meredith holds an "Insider License" to use the trade marked testing methodology of Mint CRO, the multimillion-dollar Conversion Rate Optimization company that has helped 100s of business owners just like you.

Your Lead Generation Machine

Includes the following results

Unlocked Asset #1:

Growth Ad


A Facebook/Instagram Ad (with Traffic Objective) at $0.75 per link click or less tested using the Mint CRO * methodology that includes the  discovery of “gold coins" i.e. high converting, audience pain, offer headline and offer type, images, and ad copy.

Unlocked Asset #2:

Optimized Landing Page and Freebie Offer


Using the learnings from unlock asset #1, I will build and optimize a landing page to convert at a minimum of 20%, for Course Creators or Coaches or 12% for local businesses using Conversion as the Campaign Objective in Facebook Ads and generate 25 Qualified Email Leads (email addresses collected for the Lead Magnet) at a Cost per Lead lower than historical CPL if relevant. As a result, you will have an optimized freebie offer and landing page to continue funneling qualified, reliable eads into your business.

Ready to Drastically Decrease Your To Do List and Let Me Worry About Where Your Next Leads Are coming from? 

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Still undecided?

I get it... traditional list building hasn't been easy...

But stop and listen... this hyper-agile sprint testing is working for my clients...

Elise, Owner of Systems to Serve, LLC...


Explains that the Lead Generation Machine Buildout helped her figure out the freebie her customers actually want and resulted in a funnel with an optin rate of 40% on cold traffic!


Barnaby, Director of ABC Music

"I don't think I"ve ever seen so many leads in such a short time frame.... I'm delighted with all of this!"

Karida, Tap Dance Teacher + Course Creator

What Meredith gave me was a big break through!

Ready to create consistent sales for your business and convert customers with confidence and ease?

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The Lead Generation Machine Buildout Process


  • You complete a detailed questionnaire describing your Ideal Customer (maximum 30 minutes of your time)
  • We sit down over a zoom meeting, for an hour maximum, and make sure all of the technology and apps (Facebook and Instagram Accounts) necessary for our Sprint testing are in place.
  • During the next 4-6 weeks, using Mint CRO's trade marked testing methodology and a maximum ad spend of $1200 we will test your audience's pain points, headlines, offer, copy, and images that encourage your audience to click.
  •  You have an optimized ad ready to turn on in your Facebook account (Unlocked Assset #1) AND a Landing page that is converting at a minimum of  20%  for online course creators or online coaches and at a minimum of 12% for local businesses (Unlocked Asset #2)  minimum for a FREE value offer that your audience told us they want!


And BECAUSE I love the LEAD GENERATION MACHINE BUILDOUT and what it can do for your extraordinary business SO MUCH...


I am offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!!


I will refund 100% of my fee if our landing page is not converting at 20% for an online course creator or coach or at 12% for a local business after we spend $1,500 on sprint testing with Facebook Ads.


THERE IS NO REASON TO WAIT!  Let's start making plans for our Lead Generation Machine Buildout NOW before my calendar fills up for the date you would like to get started! 

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