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5 Ways to Be a Good Podcast Guest

podcastguest podcasts podcasts for small business owners Dec 14, 2021
5 Ways to Be a Good Podcast Guest

 Earning a spot on a podcast can be really hard. I’m here to give you a few tips to ensure that you’ll be a great guest once you’ve earned your spot! 

Here are 5 Ways to Be a Good Podcast Guest: 

1. Have a plan.

Prepare your talking points based on the host's script that they’ve sent you ahead of time! (If you are lucky, a host will send you a script ahead of time, so you’re more prepared.)  If you do not receive a script, ask the host for the title or subject of your starring episode and plan the most important points of the message you wish to share. It’s helpful prior to recording that you feel confident about what you want to say! Make what you have to say worthwhile and memorable. 

2. Take the human-first approach.

While it’s important to come prepared, you don’t want to be so prepared that you sound like a robot. Let the conversation flow and have emotion in your voice. If something is funny, let out a little laugh. Podcasts are conversational, and as we know conversations aren’t premeditated, so make sure the podcast isn’t either!

3. Use a good microphone and headphones.

Using quality equipment will make the podcast sound crisper without extra background noise. Since most podcasts don’t offer a video option, it’s important that your sound quality is top-notch because it’s the main media element you have to focus on. I use this microphone from Amazon and have found it to be great! 



4. Don’t sell yourself.

You sold yourself to get the chance to be on the podcast in the first place, but you made it so there is no need to beat a dead horse. You obviously want to introduce yourself and what it is you do and how you got here. However, talking about yourself at all times is a huge turnoff. After the show, let the audience decide if you are someone they’d like to connect with further. 

5. Leave a review and promote the episode.


Both of these items will show that you went the extra mile after being a podcast guest. Leaving reviews and promoting the episode on your own platforms will hopefully get more people to tune in to the episode, subscribe to podcasts or follow you and the podcast host. It’s really a win-win for everyone, so be sure you don’t skip this step! 


Getting invited on to even one podcast is a huge deal! Don’t stop once you get here though.  Keep working hard and pitching yourself to be on other podcasts as well! Podcasts are a great way to promote yourself and get involved in the bigger community. 

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