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5 Ways to Maximize Views on Your Youtube Video for Free

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You have uploaded and optimized a video on Youtube and now it’s time to add gasoline to the fire and make sure that video is seen!

The goal is to get your video seen by as many people as possible which signals to Google and Youtube that your video is quality content,  and people will want to see it, thus these search engines will prioritize your video in results shown to people looking for the subject matter on which you are sharing.

 Youtube and Google start counting the activity on your newly uploaded Youtube video 24 hours from the time you make your video public.  During those first 24 hours, you want to get as many eternal links, views, likes, comments and new subscribers on your uploaded video as possible. THEN, when those search engines start prioritizing your video in search, your views will skyrocket! 

You want to complete the following steps within the first 24 hours because that’s the time period when the engagement tells Youtube how to position the video for future viewers- Youtube favors velocity!

5 Ways to Maximize Views on Your Youtube Video for Free

1. Share your Youtube Video to All of Your Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin


  1. Share your Youtube Video with your Email List.


Read more about our suggestions on writing effective emails here


  1. Embed on your website or blog


When a Youtube video is embedded on your website the views count as views on the Youtube platform, so to optimize views make sure you embed your videos wherever your potential community might be. Your website and blog visitors are demonstrating interest in you so definitely embed your Youtube videos here.


  1.  Go Live on Youtube


Go  LIVE on  Youtube and direct traffic to your newly posted Youtube video. Check out this beginners guide to Live Streaming on Youtube here 


  1.  Partner blogs


If you have partners in your industry, you should talk to them about promoting your video on their blogs. If you don’t have such partners, you should take the time to investigate developing these partnerships.

  1. Instructables

 If your video is a how-to guide or tutorial, you may be able to share it effectively on Instructables. The site is geared towards DIYers and those who take projects into their own hands. Only a certain type of content is acceptable on the site, but if yours fits, it’s a great place with an interested audience.






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