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6 Ways to Share and Repurpose your YouTube Video

content creation optimize youtube video repurpose content Jun 16, 2022
6 Ways to Share and Repurpose your YouTube Video

You’ve created and uploaded your latest video to YouTube…now what? The first step would be to help maximize views, which you can find here! Then, you can definitely hang out and wait for your analytics to roll in, but in the meantime you can also repurpose your YouTube video! Congratulations, you’ve been promoted to Content Creator!! 

Being a Content Creator can be challenging at times, as the goal is to always produce new, and engaging content for your audience. Sometimes our creativity comes to a halt, and our brains simply shut down. With thoughts of: 

“What am I possibly going to post about now?”

“I’m completely out of ideas.” 

“I’m not sure if my audience would engage with that…” 


I get it! Creating content can be difficult, but lucky for you when it comes to content creation, you are able to repurpose old content! Yup! I said what I said. Chances are your audience didn’t see the content the first time around, the first time they saw the post, it didn’t stick with them, you have new members in your audience, etc. This is why repurposing content is totally A-OK in the digital marketing world. This blog is going to go over the 

6 Ways to Share and Repurpose your YouTube Video

The good news is you have a YouTube video in mind that you’ve created, and it can 100% be repurposed! Let’s get into the different ways you can repurpose your video! Some platforms may have more than one way to purpose which is awesome! Be sure to take advantage of these resources!



In terms of Facebook, you are able to take your YouTube video and break down the most important takeaways and discuss it in a standard post, for those who like a text format. Jazz it up and tell a story to really hook the reader in! 

You could also create a Facebook Live which would be a live recording of you speaking to your audience, similar to a YouTube video, but much briefer mentioning the takeaways, and then possibly directing them to watch your full-length YouTube video. 

2. Instagram

With Instagram being so versatile, you can do a number of things on the platform. You can create a carousel post, which is a post with multiple graphics that has one point per post. This allows your audience to swipe through the post. They are great to increase your reach and engagement. 

You can also create an IGTV, similar to a Facebook live, where you just go over the main talking points. Viewers can also jump on as you are live and leave comments and reactions. 

Instagram Stories is another feature of Instagram that is popular. You could create a mini series on your Instagram Stories all about the YouTube video that you created. Stories are a great way to get personal with your audience, there is no real formality to them as viewers just love hearing their listeners talk to them like they are the best of friends!


Creating a post on LinkedIn can be similar to what you out on Facebook, as the two platforms are rather similar. Sometimes if you use a publishing tool like Hootsuite, you can modify posts from Facebook to LinkedIn in seconds, making your life a lot easier!

4. TikTok

Similar to Facebook or Instagram Reels, you could post a video to TikTok. Users on TikTok create series, or independent videos. Depending on your YouTube video you’re using for reference, one of these options may be better than the other. It really just comes down to what all you have to say. TikTok is on the rise, don’t miss this great opportunity to get out there and expand on your brand!

5. Transcription for Future Blog

This is one I am guilty of using more often than not! If you didn’t know, I have a YouTube channel with lots of videos on it from when I ran the Miami Scout Guide. I’ve since fallen off of the YouTube game, but who knows maybe I’ll start back up?!

For the last few blogs I’ve written, I have actually taken my transcript from older YouTube videos as an outline to follow. Talk about being sneaky! It makes it so easy to have all of my ideas already typed out. I am able to remove and add text as I please, making it a plug and chug method. Genius! 


You can send out your blog in a weekly email to your subscribers, adding the link to your blog based off of your YouTube video transcriptions. Tons of repurposing going on here!

6. Podcast

This one is easy peasy! All you have to do is take your YouTube script, and read it and make it conversational. Podcasts can take a lot of the pressure off someone because you don’t have to be on camera. Being on camera, freaks a lot of people out, and can cause stuttering, awkward pauses or mistakes! Podcasts are a great way  to repurpose your video, especially because listening to something rather than listening and watching can be a lot more intriguing to those busy-bees always on the go! 

There is really no wrong way to repurpose your YouTube video, the point is that you’re at least doing it! Repurposing content is easy points in your book! Grab your audience's attention more than once with multiple platforms! 

Which platform do you plan to repurpose your YouTube video on first?! 

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