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My Top 6 Favorite Canva Features For Creating and Branding My Website

brand style guide canva creating a website graphic designer graphics for website Sep 14, 2021
My Top 6 Favorite Canva Features for Creating My Website


Canva is a great tool that helps you maintain the look of your brand on your website! This is a graphic design tool that makes designing simple. The thing about Canva is you can be as simple or complex or creative as you want, the decision is yours.


There is so much I love about this application but here are 


My Top 6 Favorite Canva Features For Creating and Branding My Website


  • Brand Kit Tab


There is a free option and a subscription option of Canva. With the subscription, there is a ‘Brand Kit’ tab. This allows you to import your Brand Style Guide elements including colors, fonts, and logos. This makes designing soo easy! While designing, you are prompted with the elements specific to your brand, which makes designing quick and easy!


Investing in Canva for the Brand Kit alone is one of the many reasons I love it so much, but let me tell you a few other reasons I love how easy using this graphic design tool is to create a beautiful branded website!


  • Dimensions of Graphics


Canva makes it even easier to create specific elements by providing you with dimension templates for each type of design. Whether you are designing a presentation, business card or letterhead, Canva has you covered. With Canva, you are truly watching your brand come alive with the different styles and options!


  • Photo Adjustments Such as Removing Backgrounds or Resizing


When you pay for the premium subscription you get more advanced tools such as removing the background of an image. This gives me PhotoShop vibes without being nearly as complex. You upload the photo, click remove background, and voila the extra white space is gone! You can also change the sizing of your photo to fit your website perfectly, instead of fussing with tools that aren’t compatible to resize. 


  • Photo Effects


Edit your photos directly in Canva! Add filters, adjust the brightness, increase the blur effect and so much more! How cool is it that you can edit your photos and create a graphic all in one space?!


  • Editing Backgrounds


Maybe your graphic needs a little more pizazz, I may surprise you by saying this, but Canva has you covered with that, too! If your graphic looks too plain, you can spice it up by adding some stickers, borders, or shapes to make it more eye-catching!


  • Templates


Do you ever find yourself in a rut where your creativity just isn’t flowing? Don’t worry, we have all been there. Canva is great at giving us some inspiration. You are able to use their FREE templates and change some things or use it as inspiration for your next graphic creation.


Now that you see Canva  is pure magic, what is stopping you from using this graphic design tool to help brand your business? Check out Canva  to create an all-in-one workspace for designing the perfect graphics for your website! Use the link here

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