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Creating the Perfect Email Subject Line

emailcopywriting emailsubjectline engagement Jan 25, 2022
Creating the Perfect Email Subject Line

The email subject line. Your first chance to really pull your audience in with just a few words. Creating the subject line of your emails can be tricky, especially if you’re sending out emails at least once a week, that’s a lot of creativity and research on your end! 

I’m going to share with you some tips that I have found helpful for : 

Creating the Perfect Email Subject Line.

1. Make your reader have questions.

Because your email subject line can only be so many characters long, it can leave your audience with questions of what the email is really about. 

Leaving your subject line broad will encourage the reader to open that email and read into what you have to say. 

2. Be bold.

If you have a great tip or resource your audience will benefit from, tell them that. Create your subject line to say something along the lines of, “You’ll profit off of this”. Well duh..who doesn’t want to gain profit?? **Instant open** 


3. Be timely.

Write in a present tone, meaning that the content of the email will only be applicable for a short amount of time. This will create urgency. People get FOMO (fear of missing out) so easy anymore, if it’s their LAST chance, they’ll definitely want to open it at their earliest convenience to see what they’re missing out on.

4. Use puns or song lyrics. 

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good pun?? Using a pun or a recognizable song lyric can show some humor (which is sometimes just what our inbox needs). Allow your audience to let out a giggle every once in a while, this way they know you aren’t a robot and have a sense of humor, even when it comes to your professional life! 

5. Don’t make false promises. 


Share what’s in your email! Yes, I know you are trying to convince your audience to click and read more of what you have to say. However, this doesn’t mean that you should twist your words. Keep them on the edge of their seat with real content that you have! Your audience would be awfully disappointed if you said one thing in your subject line, but something completely different in the copy of your email. 

6. Scope out an auto-generator tool. 

When you own your own business you have a long list of things that always seem to need your attention. Something as small as an email subject line can take a chunk of your time. When I’m in a pinch, I like using an email subject-line generator to help inspire me when I need it. 

7. Show your audience they are special. 

Your audience hits your subscribe button for a reason. We all know how important that is to us! Return the favor and show your audience how much they mean to you! Share exclusive offers or deals or  kind words of appreciation that will hit home for your audience! 

Generating email subject-lines can sometimes be the trickiest part of sending your perfect email. Using these tips and doing outside research of your own will help you out next when you are stumped on how to pull your audience in! HubSpot has a great blog article sharing 20 of their favorite email subject-line tips! 

By creating catchy email subject lines, you’ll avoid having to re-engage inactive subscribers, because your audience will always be itching for more! However if you are struggling with inactive subscribers head to this blog of mine here

Happy writing! 

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