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Why I love Honeybook, My Client Relationship Management Software (CRM)

building your business crm honeybook Aug 24, 2021
Why I love Honeybook, My Client Relationship Management Software


You know that friend of yours that LOVES school supplies, even though she is 47 and hasn’t been in school in 25 years?

Her office is meticulous, with a mature green plant that she never forgot to water.

She’s the one who zeros out her inbox at the end of every day during her end-of-day, scheduled To-Do List Summary time.

Do you know the woman of whom I speak?

She is the exact opposite of me.

In fact, at 9 years old, when that woman was arranging her favorite bedtime books in rainbow sequence on her bookshelf, I was daydreaming about the fun we were going to have at the next slumber party.   

Instead of listening to the organizational coach’s suggestion in the private sessions, my mom arranged for me (that's right, private organizational lessons in the 4th grade.. my mom saw the writing on the wall), I was strategizing world domination with Twizzlers,  Punky Brewster, and Nancy Regan.


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I just have never gotten very excited about organization 

Until I found Honeybook.

 Honeybook is a client relationship management system that feels more like MAGIC because it makes running my business feel very effortless.

According to their website, “HoneyBook is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for small businesses. The solution helps users manage business processes from inquiry through to invoicing. HoneyBook lets users manage projects, book clients, sign contracts online, send invoices and handle payments.”

In order to help you make the decision to implement Honeybook for your business I thought I'd share the top 5 reasons

Why I love Honeybook, My Client Relationship Management Software


1. Simplicity. (you must say the word PERIOD for effect! “Simplicity Period”)

 This software is soooo easy to use. I won’t name names but trust me when I tell you I have tried quite a few of the CRM’s during my 20 years spent as an entrepreneur and I have never found software as easy to use as Honeybook. The complexity and steep learning curve of the others often caused me to lose interest and go back to my haphazard, offline, most would say disorganized ways!

But not Honeybook! The ease of use of this product will blow your mind, promise!


2. All communications, work products, and files are grouped by client.

I might have been misleading earlier in this blog post.

It’s not that I don’t like organization… I just don’t like the act of organizing.

One of the things I love about Honeybook is that they organize each client for me! The word Honeybook uses is “project.” Each of my clients is assigned a project and inside her project lives all of our communications, invoices, signed contract, proposal, and meeting dates.


3. The Scheduling and Contact Form

 This personalized scheduling link has definitely increased my client base and saved me time!. When someone is interested in working with me they schedule a discovery call meeting via my personalized Honeybook scheduling link.


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I’ve placed the link everywhere! The “Call To Action” link above the fold on my website, my email signature, and all social media profile pages so there is no chance I will miss an opportunity to speak with someone interested in working with me.

 This link is synced to my calendar and reflects my availability, based on my preselected “office hours” and updated by my schedule in my google calendar. Once my potential client picks a time that works for them, our new meeting is updated in both of our calendars, they receive an automatic email with a client questionnaire I created in Honeybook AND a new project (i.e. client file, see subpoint 2) is automatically created in Honeybook.


4. Professionalism


The gorgeous custom templates have given my business an air of professionalism from the start.

Using my Brand Style Guide, Canva, and the Honeybook brochure and questionnaire templates all of my client communications are branded and beautiful which could only give my potential clients the idea that they are dealing with a seasoned professional who knows what she is doing.   


5. Honeybook syncs with everything


All of my entrepreneurial tools are automatically updated with every move I make online. When a discovery call is booked, it is reflected in my google calendar. When a client message is sent I can also see It in my connected Gmail account.  And when an invoice is created and then paid by the client, QuickBooks is updated automatically!

Ready to sign-up for Honeybook? The best CRM available.

Use my partner link and receive 20% off your first year of services!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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