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Optimize a LinkedIn Company Page

company linkedin page optimize linkedin profile seo Jul 20, 2022
Optimize a LinkedIn Company Page

If you own your own business or work for a business that is looking to create and optimize a LinkedIn Company Page, then you’re in the right place! I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks you need to 

Optimize a LinkedIn Company Page

If you are new to LinkedIn and need help creating your personal page, before you get started on your company page, then click HERE! However, if you’re already on LinkedIn and want to optimize a company page keep on scrolling! 

At this point, you know that LinkedIn is crucial to develop and network professionally, for both individuals and companies. Depending on if you are trying to grow your business, are interested in meeting other professionals or just trying to share quality content related to your business, a LinkedIn Company Page is an essential!  

These are the six MUSTS when it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page:

  1. Create a strong brand image: Your LinkedIn Company page, is the one spot on social media that is meant for your business, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! Make sure that your company is well represented in the cover and profile photos with accurate brand colors and brand fonts. The goal is for your company to be recognized without reading the profile name. 
  2. Fill out every category: Completing your LinkedIn profile fully will help your company be more discoverable. Well-developed SEO strategies are  crucial for your business to grow! Fill the categories in with as many rich keywords as you can! For a marketing agency, they would use keywords such as, “ digital marketing, social media, virtual assistant, marketing services, marketing strategies, etc.” This way any search that is similar to these keywords, will have your profile filtered through as a result.
  3. Take advantage of LinkedIn professional groups: Join groups on LinkedIn that relate to your company. This is a great way to help boost optimization on your LinkedIn Company Page! When individuals, or other companies visit your LinkedIn Company Page, they will see what kind of communities you are apart of, showing activity on posts, in groups and connect with some of your connections! 
  4. Make professionals want to learn more about your company: Make your LinkedIn Company compelling. Be a creative, encouraging, personable and educated space for others to click on. Once they leave your page, they should want to connect with you, and share what you have to say. 
  5. Offer tools to your audience: Whether it is educational tools, freebies, courses, templates, etc, your audience will be grateful that you are offering them something to be successful. Something as simple as resourceful articles can be just the thing needed to make your page stand out!
  6. Utilize video content: Video is up and coming, as individuals and companies find it to be more intriguing and appealing compared to a static graphic. Get creative, and create a video that explains who your company is and what you stand for!

Your LinkedIn Company Page is the one place where you can have resources, grow your company professionally and represent your company values while focusing solely on business relationships. Try using these tips for when you decide to optimize your LinkedIn Company Page!

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