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Should a Business have a LinkedIn Company Page

company linkedin page linkedin networking Jul 05, 2022
Should a Business have a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has changed the way business owners and employees portray themselves on the internet. With LinkedIn being a great tool to help develop our professionalism, and advance our businesses. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, I suggest you head to my last blog here to help you get started! 

The first step is having a personal LinkedIn page, but the second step is determining 

Should a Business have a LinkedIn Company Page

I won’t leave you on the edge of your seat, the short answer is YES! Your business should 100% have a LinkedIn Company Page. Let’s get into the reasons why! 

Allow Your Business to Be Discovered

Whether you work for yourself, or have employees that work for you, your LinkedIn Company Page can be added to an individual profile. For example, someone’s profile  may say, “Content Creator at ClickUp.”  This way when people click on their  profile, they will see where that person works, and then they will be able to directly click on ‘ClickUp’ to head to their LinkedIn Company Page.

A lot of connections, or users on LinkedIn may be interested to see what your current position is, or what your past position was. By clicking directly on the LinkedIn Company Page they have discovered your business within seconds. 

Hiring New Employees

Whether you are just starting out, or are looking to refresh your team, a LinkedIn Company Page is the perfect place to post that you are hiring. LinkedIn does a lot of the work for you, with their automated skills tests (to see if a candidate qualifies), the option to upload resumes or asking a few questions and getting quick to the point answers. This is great for exposure to your LinkedIn Company Page, and can benefit your business in the long run! 

Increase SEO 

By creating a LinkedIn Company Page for your business, you will rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). This means that your business is getting better visibility, traction and recognition. This would be when you Google something on the lines of “Meredith Kallaher Ads Manager”. Then, Ta-DA my LinkedIn profile would most likely show, taking the user directly to my LinkedIn Company Page! 

Reputable Source

 A LinkedIn Company Page is a good place to share articles/information about your company. This way bloggers and reporters will have accurate information that they can use to report/share about your business and/or that your employees can use to promote your business! Having a LinkedIn Company Page makes your business be seen as professional and accurate, as all the information is thought out, planned and approved ahead of time to ensure quality information.  This way your employees aren’t just sharing thoughts and opinions. Rather, they are sharing information that is 100% correct and unbiased.

I hope that my reasonings and research  can convince you that it is critical for your business to have a LinkedIn Company Page in order for your business to flourish and grow. LinkedIn is a great place to meet new connections and develop your business professionally. You may even come to find the saying, “ it’s a small world” holds very true for this platform! You never believe the connections you’ll come across!

Now it’s time to create your LinkedIn Company Page if you haven’t already! 

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