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Securing New Readers for Your Blog

blog new readers sharing Nov 30, 2021
Securing New Readers for Your Blog

So you’ve made a commitment to yourself to consistently write and post blog articles on your website. Congratulations, consistency is over half the battle. Your customers and fans will be thrilled to receive new value from you on the regular.

But don’t stop with the creation and posting of the article. Make sure people see your blog and read it! It's time to start 

Securing New Readers for Your Blog

Whether you are just starting out or you have had a blog for a while it can be hard to get people to read what you wrote on your website.The first steps,  like we talked about in previous blog  articles are to make sure that your blog is read worthy and then optimized so people can find you when they search for topics on Google.  After that, there are a few things you can do to make your audience aware of the great content you have to share! 



Share your blog article in a weekly email.

Depending on your business, you may already connect with your audience via email. If you do, then all you have to do is check in with your peeps and share a link with them to encourage them to read your latest  blog article.  

If you don’t already send out a weekly email, this is now the time to do so! Let your audience  know what you’re up to and give them resources they can benefit from (like a blog article)! 

Create an Instagram post. 

 You can knock out two birds with one stone with this one. Maybe you’re struggling to create content for one day. All you have to do is, make a quick graphic and create an Instagram post about your blog article! 

If readers missed it in your weekly email, maybe they saw it here! Have the link to your blog article in your Instagram bio so your audience has easy access!

Share to your Facebook page.

 Just like Instagram, share the blog article  with your audience via Facebook. You can use the same graphic from Instagram if you’d like! Then just add the link to your blog article  to the post! It’s that easy! 

Go live on Instagram/Facebook. 


As part of the audience, sometimes all you need is that little notification to see that your favorite account has gone live. All you have to do is pop on for a minute or so just to check and let your audience know that your blog article is published on your website. Check out these tips from Facebook on best practices for going Live on Facebook or Instagram.

Share in a Linked-In Post

Experts will tell you that “native articles,” meaning articles published first on LinkedIn are important for that platform, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your weekly blog post with your LinkedIn connections too. Click here for directions on how to share your blog post from your website to your Linked-In feed. 

Upload to YouTube.

 You may prefer to post to Youtube. Create a video discussing the details of your blog article and then add the link to the description so your audience can read it themselves.

Send the blog article to 5 publications. 

It never hurts to reach out to publications that might find the topic interesting. If you do this and they seem interested be sure to tell  them you would be happy for them to link to it! This is a great way not only for your blog article to be read but for you to gain new audience members!  

Send the blog article to 5 podcast hosts. 

 Reach out to your favorite podcast hosts that may love the topic you wrote about! If it really catches their eye, they may even invite you to be on their show! How cool would that be?! 


Don’t worry you are not being over the top or annoying. Your audience doesn’t always see your content on the first, second or even third time it was posted. By sharing the same content in different ways across multiple platforms, you are likely to see an increase in those who visit your website and read your blog article! 

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