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Integrating QuickBooks and Honeybook is a Smart Money Move

building your business honeybook money management for small businesses quickbooks Oct 05, 2021
A Smart Money Move for Your Small Business

The BEST Money Management Tool 


Nothing screams, “You’re an adult!” like understanding money management. Maybe you already are pretty good with managing your money, or maybe money management has always been lurking over you because you struggle to have a good relationship with your money.  Regardless, in order for our businesses to be successful we need to invest our time (and of course money) into softwares that are proven to be successful! 

Understanding Money Management


So, money management. What is it? Money management is how you budget, track, spend, invest, save  or evaluate your money. 


It’s the process of you knowing where every single dollar of yours goes. When you’re running your own business this is super important. You want to ensure that your business is succeeding and has the means to do so. 


Tools That Assist with Money Management 


The first tool I used when I first learned about money management was Wave. Just like with anything in life, the word FREE caught my eye. It was a great accounting tool to start out with as it tracks income and expenses, creates and sends invoices, accepts payments online and has a payroll feature. 


As my business began to grow, I was ready to switch it up some. This is when I began using QuickBooks


QuickBooks offers many different services that could be useful to your business. Some of QuickBooks services include: 

  • Tracking Income 
  • Sending Invoices
  • Live Bookkeeper Helps Keep You Organized
  • Advanced Features like Profitability Insights
  • Inventory Management
  • Payments

There are several other services that are shown on QuickBooks Plans & Pricing page. QuickBooks makes it so easy for any business owner to use.


 One of the main reasons I was so intrigued about QuickBooks was that it integrates with HoneyBook (which is another tool I use.) HoneyBook is a client relationship management tool (CRM). 


Integrating QuickBooks and Honeybook is a Smart Money Move


For my business, I use QuickBooks for money management and HoneyBook for my invoicing. There are so many reasons I love HoneyBook, if you’re curious check out a previous blog of mine. 


HoneyBook syncs with everything. For example, when a client pays an invoice that was created in HoneyBook, QuickBooks automatically gets updated to reflect the payment! How convenient is that?? 


Let me tell you, using these two softwares has been a game changer for my business! By using these two softwares, I am able to keep my business organized and running smoothly. This also allows me to measure and keep track of my business objectives. 


What You Can Do


I highly recommend using QuickBooks and HoneyBook together, as they go hand in hand. If you don’t have a current Money Management Tool, I would try QuickBooks. However, if you already have a Money Management Tool, atleast give it a look and see if this could benefit your business more.


Do some research and decide what is best for you and your business. Regardless, a Money Management Tool is critical to help you evaluate the success of your business. It’s time to manage your money!

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