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A Business Value Statement Should Be the Centerpiece of Your Marketing: Write It Now

brand story brand value statement building your business marketing for your business seo social media profile Jul 12, 2021
Customer Happy with the Value She Received

Every Business Should have a Value Statement - a short sentence that communicates the value your business delivers to your ideal customer.


THIS statement can be used as


  1. Your speedy elevator pitch, i.e. something you can deliver in under 5 seconds.
  2. The description in your bio on social media profiles
  3. Above the fold, i.e., at the top of your website, with a Call to Action to work with you to drive engagement as soon as a potential customer lands on your website.


Are you a specialty cake maker? How about:  “Gorgeous, unique cakes that WOW your guests and make their  taste buds explode.”


A virtual fitness instructor? You could say: “Never-boring, motivating, on-demand exercise classes that will help you reach your fitness goal.”


Maybe you are a social media manager?  Say this: “Custom, creative social media management that will expand your reach and explode your sales.”


The easiest way to create your Value Statement is to identify the transformation your ideal customer makes when working with you.


Answer the following questions:


  1. What is my customer hoping to achieve/receive when she spends money with me?
  2. How do I deliver?


Have you written your Brand Story? I suggest following Donald Miller’s Story Brand framework and pen the story of your business featuring the customer as the hero and your business as her guide.


In the Story Brand framework, we begin by identifying our customer’s problems, as they relate to our business, then explain how she can use the solutions our business offers to solve her problems and reach the version of herself for which she is striving.


It’s those solutions that we offer that we want to be sure to articulate in our Brand VALUE STATEMENT. This statement can be easily carved out of our Brand Story by identifying the customer’s transformation.


Find out how to create your brand story in my related blog post here. Then complete the blanks in the following statement.


My customer goes from ________________ to ___________________________


Take your new value statement and insert it in your business social media profiles, and your website as your "H1 Heading" (that is SEO lingo for "most important title on a web page"... it's a formatting option on all website design solutions). 

And the best part? Do you know that look of understanding people give you, maybe with a slight head nod, when you've just answered a question with an intelligent, clear answer that they weren't necessarily expecting?

When you start answering the question  "What Do You Do" with the value you bring to your customers rather than the 'how" you get it done, or the tables of contents of your services, you get that look.... that "you're so smart and I want to work with you" look!

Just trust me and try it!

Take a few minutes to create your Brand Value Statement. I promise you, you will be glad you did!


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