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Why Instagram Reels are Beneficial

content creation instagram instagram reels Apr 05, 2022
Why Instagram Reels are Beneficial

Have you heard of the term “Stopping the Scroll”? No? Not yet? The phrase refers to just that, having content on Instagram that persuades those scrolling through to stop scrolling, and  to read or watch the eye-catching content. A great way to help users to  “stop the scroll’ is to create Instagram Reels. This blog is going to touch on 

Why Instagram Reels are Beneficial

Instagram Reels will help change your page for the better

  • Instagram Reels can increase engagement 
  • They capture attention
  • They are trending
  • You can bring awareness to your brand or business

Increase Engagement

Engagement is the name of the game on Instagram. Engagement is all about creating, building and maintaining your social connections. Relationships are key. When you make relationships with certain types of accounts, Instagram recognizes this. 

If you engage frequently with woman owned businesses a lot on Instagram, your Explore page will be loaded with similar content, because Instagram recognizes that you have a repetitive interest in it. 

By being able to add cover photos and texts to Instagram Reels, you are increasing the likelihood of your target audience clicking on your Reel and engaging with it. The more views, the more engagement, the more relationships, the more followers! 

Capture Attention


With Instagram Reels being as quick and to the point as they are, they are almost always guaranteed to capture your audience's attention. Just what is needed to “stop the scroll’. Whether the user is hearing a quick trending sound or something that looks interesting, it can hook them in for the 60 seconds or less. They capture attention more than a simple graphic or text-orientated post. The more unique and relatable Reel content you create, the more your Reels will be in demand! 


As we know, Instagram goes through trends, updates, trial runs, etc. With competitors like TikTok, Instagram had to implement the next best thing! In this case, Reels! Everyone is utilizing them, which means you should too! 

Brand Awareness

Instagram Reels can be just what you need to add some pizzazz to your Instagram Profile! There are so many different kinds of Reels that you create. Because of this, you are able to show a true sense of who you are and what kind of business you run. Being creative, silly, blunt, open, vulnerable, relatable, etc can show individuals just who you really are! You can use Instagram Reels to engage and converse, just as you would with a friend! Does it really get better than that? 


If you are ready to take the jump to create an Instagram Reel, refer to my last blog here. You have all the reasons why it’s so beneficial! It’s time to “stop the scroll”! Don’t let your fear get in the way! 


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